Swim Meets


Swimmers will swim in Friday or Saturday meets upon the discretion of the Head Coach who will determine which events the swimmer will swim and who will be on the relays.

  • If a swimmer is not entered into the Saturday meet, he/she will swim during the regular season in the Friday evening "Mini" Meet held each Friday at 6 p.m.
  • Swimmers will compete in particular age groups determined by their age on June 1st.
  • Each swimmer is eligible to swim in 3 individual events and 2 relays in meets.
  • Each team is only allowed 600 entries. The Head Coach will make sure every eligible swimmer gets an opportunity to compete.
  • It is very crucial for parents to sign in the book located in the canteen if the swimmer will not be attending a particular swim meet. This should be done no later than the Sunday prior to the meet.
  • Meet entries must be turned in on Thursday evening. Twenty-four changes are allowed on Saturday, BUT these changes will not count towards the team score.
  • To swim in the Divisional Meet, swimmers must have swum in two Saturday meets and have 1 legal time in the strokes they are entered.
    • Again, each swimmer can swim up to 3 individual events and 2 relays, and each team is only allowed 600 entries.

On the day of the swim meet, swimmers should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the assigned warm-up time. This will be announced each week.

Swimmers need to stay in the designated team areas and report to the "Team Callers" when their event is called. 

  • If it is necessary to leave the meet early, PLEASE NOTIFY the Head Coach and "Team Callers." This is especially important for the relays. Even if you're not entered into a relay, please be available if there needs to be last minute adjustments.


Ribbons will be handed out in the picnic area immediately after the home meets and at a designated time after the away meets at Sudley.

  • For Regular Swim Meets, Place ribbons are given for the top twelve places in each event
  • Achievement ribbons are given to swimmers who improve by half a second or more off their best time
    • A white ribbon is given for dropping .5 - 2.99 seconds;
    • A red ribbon for 3 - 4.99 seconds; 
    • A blue ribbon for 5 seconds or more.


The role of parents in competitive swimming is very important. Parents are the swimmers most important cheerleaders and are role models for attitudes, values, and behaviors. The success of the child's experience in swimming is deeply influenced by the parents' response and involvement. Parents who provide a stable, loving, and supportive environment, and who show respect and good sportsmanship toward coaches, officials, opponents, and teammates will find the same values reflected in their children.

Swim Team Parents are required to fulfill Volunteer Obligations.  Please click on the Volunteer Jobs Tab for more information.