SAS Needs Officials

We have all been hearing how SAS needs more officials. We have had a few very dedicated parents carry this torch for several years for our team. Unfortunately for our team, those parents' kids have graduated and so too have most of our officials.  They did an amazing job for our team for many many years, but a new day has come and quite frankly we need new blood in those necessary spots.

Here is the situation.

It's the rules

Teams that attend a USA swim sanctioned meet must supply a number of officials equal to 5-10% of the team's swimmer count.

What if we don't?

Our local swim committee can impose penalties such as fines. We may also have to ask favors of other officials to cover for us. We may have to pay for officials to cover for us. All of that makes our team look bad during a time that we are experiencing growth and positive energy.

Why it's fun?

Best seat in the house, you get to learn the rules and free food at hospitality

What does it take?

Anyone can volunteer and take an initial training class put on by a current official, fill out some forms, spend some time shadowing another official during real meets, and take an online open book test. More information is available on our website.

How long does it take?

Training is completed within 60 days.

What does it cost?

Nothing, SAS will pay for all registration fees associated with officiating as long as you officiate for 6 sessions after credentialing.

What's our team goal?

SAS has over 80 swimmers. The team goal is 10% of that or 8 officials by June 2017. Currently we have about 4.

Is it hard?

No, it's not hard. In addition, we have people available to help walk you through the process.

Whom do I contact?

For more information or to volunteer contact Tim Lewis, SAS President, at 509-220-0498 (call or text) or