2022 Season Info

Hello Shark Families!

This is a heavy email jam packed with information you will need for the swim season. Please read the information below, and if you have any questions, email us back. We will be sending out a follow up email of Q&A’s. 

COACHES: Our Sharks are being led thru the water by Victor, Travis, Leo, Emma, Lexi, and Gabby. Our practices are back-to-back, and our coaches need to give their full attention to the swimmers in the water. If you have any questions regarding your swimmers’ practice, please email them at [email protected]    Or there is almost always a board member on deck and we are always happy to help.

PRACTICE: We have three practice times, depending on your swimmers age group. Swimmers will be adjusted in lanes by ability, to ensure each swimmer is getting an appropriate workout. There is a faded red zone around the pool, we ask all spectators to keep clear of the red zone, so as not to distract from the coaching. The bathrooms & drinking fountains on deck are open for use. If you are absent from a practice, you do not need to notify anyone. If you plan to be gone for a few days, your swimmers coach would appreciate the heads up, so they don’t worry. Missing a practice does not make your swimmer ineligible for meets. Please do NOT park in the fire lane of the front parking lot. Feel free to do a quick drop off or pick up if your swimmer is waiting, but it needs to be kept clear for emergencies.

MEETS: All swimmers are automatically signed up for all dual meets and champs.

This is very important-The coaches need to know who WILL NOT attend a meet, in other words- “decline” a meet.

To decline a meet or if you need to leave early- go to the website’s homepage, Shark Events pane, click the “swim meets” tab.

Click “Attend/Decline” next to the meet

Click on swimmers name.

In the ‘Declaration” tab, select “no thanks…”. Add a note if needed. For instance, if your swimmer needs to leave early, type the time they need to leave. Click “save changes”.

The deadline to decline is the Sunday before the meet. The coaches spend a lot of time choosing which events the swimmers will enter as well as creating the relay teams. This process starts on Monday, so it is very helpful and appreciated if they know who is not going to attend before they enter the swimmer in events and relays.

Check-in for all meets is at 6:45am. A meet reminder email will be sent out a week before a meet; it will have the location and miscellaneous info we have at that time. The Meet Sheet will be emailed the night before the meet, on Fridays. It will have the location, meets schedule and various other tidbits of information from the other team for away meets. It will also have instructions on who to contact if you are going to be late. Nevertheless, please arrive on time- 6:45am!!

What to bring: pop up, chairs, blanket, two towels, layers of clothing, plenty of water, snacks or money for snack bar, things to keep swimmers entertained between events like coloring stuff-no crayons they melt, games, deck of cards, books, small handheld toys, nothing of value as you bring things at your own risk, swimmers swim three events and have an opportunity to be in relays, 


CHAMPS/MOC: All swimmers go to champs and swim every event in the prelims, the top 10 swimmers of each event advance to finals. Champs this year will be held at Vista del Lago High School in Folsom on July 16th & 17th. This is a two day event that includes all five teams in our conference. The events are split between the two days with prelims in the morning and early afternoon, with finals in the late afternoon. Meet of Champs (MOC) is for top swimmers in all the conferences in our League. Swimmers with qualifying times and all swimmers who make finals at Champs are eligible to attend MOC, but not required. MOC will be held at Elk Grove Aquatics Complex on July 30th & 31st. More information on both events will come later in the season.

VOLUNTEERING: Each family is required to volunteer 5 shifts throughout the season, and 2 at Champs or 1 if you only have a 6U. Job descriptions can be found on our team website on the top main menu under ‘Team Info’ and then ‘Parent Job Descriptions’. If you only have a 6U swimmer, you will want to do set up or shift 1, as the 6U’s only swim during shift 1. Another option for volunteering, is being a team parent. This will have you in the team age group tents, supervising the swimmers who choose to stay in the team tents, and ensuring swimmers get to the ready bench on time, with their cap and goggles. This job guarantees you a shady spot under the pop up, you’ll be with your swimmer, and get to know the other swimmers, you also get a snazzy shirt. We have an amazing Head Team Parent, Lisa Childers, she’ll be there to help in way needed. To view and sign up for volunteer positions, login to your Sharks account, go to the meet and select “job signup”. You will see a list of meet jobs, select the one you want and then select “signup”. A confirmation box appears, you do not need to type your name again, just tap the “signup” box and  you will  see your name on the job list. You can only volunteer for 1 shift per meet. All the meet jobs are simple enough to learn for any parent who is  new to swim. It  does not  need to be you, it could be an aunt/uncle, grandparent, older sibling, even the mail person if you’re close enough to invite them :) If you have any questions, or would like to sign up to be a team parent, reach out to Annie Perkins thru email, phone or text (916) 500-1308 [email protected]


HOSPITALITY: During swim meets, we give out refreshments and snacks to our volunteers. All these items are donated by our swim families. The week of a swim meet, we will have a sign up sheet going around for families to pick an item to bring to the meet. This is not mandatory but the more donated items we have, the more we can offer to you, our volunteers. Donated items are to be brought with you the morning of the swim meet and dropped off in the hospitality room, right next to our snack bar, located in the area behind the bleachers.


FUNDRAISING: We do an annual Shark-a-Thon fundraiser, it’s a swim a thon! . This huge event brings in thousands of dollars for our team to help support the cost of running the program. This event will be held May 10th during your swimmers practice. Prices are awarded for most laps swam and for tiered leveled of monies raised. More information on this exciting event will come soon!

We are doing weekly food-raisers, every Wednesday is your night off from cooking and gives a little back to your favorite recreational swim team! The full schedule is posted on the website. We’d love your participation whenever possible, every dollar  counts, because lane lines are expensive!


TEAM SUITS/PHOTOS: The online store for team suits is open April 11th and closes April 17th at midnight. We will be on deck April 13th with sample suits to try on to ensure you’re ordering the correct size. If you are not available for the team suit fitting and still want to order a suit, reach out to Annie and she can assist you with sizing. Team suits are not required but swimmers must be a FINNA approved competition suit. Team photos will be Friday June 10th, a sign up sheet for time reservation will be sent out later. The $10 picture fee gives every swimmer a memory mate of individual photo & team photo, as well as, an individual 4x6 magnet and four wallets. 


TEAM STORE: Our online team clothing store is currently open and closes April 20th at midnight. Orders will not arrive on time for Time Trials, but they will be here for our first dual meet. Follow the link to place your orders online, there is no shipping fee, as all orders will be dispersed during practice. 

SHARKS GEAR: We will have Sharks Gear for purchase during practice and at meets. Our gear consists of silicone caps $12, latex caps $5, Speedo Vanquisher Goggles adult & junior sizes $20, goggle bungees $3, and Sharks logo decal stickers $3 or 2/$5.  Cash, check and card are accepted. You can even text/call ahead to ensure what you need will be ready, Annie (916) 500-1308. 


SHARKS BOARD MEETINGS: Your Sharks Board has meetings every two weeks during the season and monthly during the off season. Meetings are on Thursday’s at 6:30pm, typically in Rusch Room 1. We welcome anyone to attended, especially those who are interested in being a board member or even just wanting to get their feet wet this season in an unofficial position.  If you have experience with non-profit organizations, we need you…your children need you.  Our board meeting schedule is on the website, we’re always around to answer any questions you may have, and you can email questions to [email protected] 

We really look forward to working with you!


Our team website has all the detailed information you will need. Please check it regularly for updates, our calendar is always being updated. You will  receive   many  emails  from ‘Sunrise Sharks via Team Unify’;  we send weekly info and the  “ Friday before meet info email- Meet Sheet” . If you are not receiving our emails, check your spam/junk folder, or reach out to us so we can try to assist. We also have a Facebook group you can join :  (FB Link

We look forward to sharktastic season with our returning and new families!