KRA Group Swim Lesson Mission: To develop basic swimming skills, a knowledge of water safety and a love of swimming in children ages 3 years and older.


The KRA Board is very excited to announce the second season of the Group Swim Lesson Program which is all themed around FISH of course! As the home of the Kanawha Firefish, we now have a fish-oriented group lessons theme that we think the kids will love. The kids will start as Blue Minnows and advance through five levels including Orange Goldfish, Purple Puffer Fish, Green Angel Fish and Red Rainbow Fish. We hope that the kids will have fun while learning to swim. As a community non-profit association, a big part of our purpose is to teach swimming because it is a fundamental safety and life skill. We want all KRA kids to know how to swim and swim well. We hope you will enroll your child for all sessions!

How to I know what level my child is for lessons?

Lessons will be taught at five different proficiency levels ranging from blowing bubbles to swimming full lengths of freestyle and backstroke without assistance. Please click HERE to see the different levels.

What time are lessons offered?

We are offering multiple sessions and levels throughout the summer. Ideally, your child can attend all of them and progress over the summer. Group swim lessons will be offered in the morning and afternoon to accommodate different family schedules and some lessons will be scheduled during swim team practices so that younger siblings can take lessons while older children are in swim practice.  Please click HERE for the group lesson schedule.

Who is teaching the lessons?

Our staff is comprised of five talented instructors, please click HERE for instructor bios, many of whom are senior Kanawha swimmers or college swimmers who are former Kanawha swimmers. We have so much home-grown talent in these kids and they can offer a lot to the next generation of Kanawha swimmers. We’ve selected these enthusiastic, positive individuals because of their abilities to interact well with kids, knowledge of swimming technique and water safety and their love for Kanawha and swimming.

Who is the Coordinator of the Group Lesson Program?

Grace Carter will serve as the Coordinator of the Group Lessons Program. She currently teaches first grade at Gayton Elemetary School. She joined the Kanawha swim team when she was five years old. She swam for KRA from ages five to eighteen. She is a former Assistant Swim Team Coach and Mini-Mites head coach for Kanawha.

How do I register and pay?

All of this is done online to keep it simple for you. Please click HERE for registration. Registration will not open until Thursday June 4, 2020.

  We will continue to seek input for enhancements and changes that reflect the needs of our membership so please feel free to reach out to our group swim lesson coordinator with any suggestions.

Grace Carter @


We look forward to a great 2020 Summer Season!