We'd like to start off by thanking you for your interest in joining FORM Swim Team.

Before we get started, we'd like to go over the registration process and to let you know more about our swim team. We recommend reviewing our team handbook, which can be found in the Documents tab located above. This will give you more information including general information, practices and competitions philosophy, and payment information.

Step 1: Contact Coach Kevin

This is the time to learn more about the team and to ask questions. You can either email Kevin Baldermann at or call him at 720-255-4910.

Step 2: Come and tryout

It's important to select a team that your swimmer will enjoy being a part of. The tryout will let the swimmer experience one of our practices to see if he/she fits well with the team and the practice intensity fits their needs.

Step 3: Register with the team

If it's determined between you and the coaches that your athlete is ready for the team, the next step will be to register. This includes filling out registration information, signing waivers, and setting up payment information.

Step 4: Approval

The team has anywhere between 30-40 swimmers tryout for the team each season. Approval is based on the following priority list:

1st Priority: Current Swimmers
2nd Prioirty: New Swimmers - Seasonal Dues
3rd Priority: New Swimmers - Month to Month Dues

Click the "Registration!" option found under the "System" menu located on the right sidebar or click here.

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