FEES: There is a volunteer fee for each family if you do not fulfill your required obligation the credit card we have on file will be charged $250 at the end of the season. There are many ways for families to volunteer throughout the season.  

Our swim meets through the summer are big events where 250 - 400 athletes can be competing.  These meets can not run without your help.  All parents must volunteer if your child/children are registered members of the team. The Nor Gwyn Aquatic Club asks each family to volunteer to work a job at 4 dual meets, B Champs (Nor Gwyn is hosting this meet) and the championship meet your child is swimming in.    Below you will find a list of meet jobs and their descriptions.  Parents interested in learning jobs that require training should contact a board member.  Some training will occur following the Parents Meeting at the beginning of the season.  Other training options include shadowing volunteers during actual meets.

The signups for the dual meets will be done online.  If you are scheduled to volunteer please check-in when you arrive for the meet.  Home meets, please check-in by the computer table and away meets usually near where the lineup is posted. Please contact Christina Potts with any questions 
The Crab Cafe will be open under the Baby Pool Pavilion for each home meet.  We ask that each family sign up to bring an item to keep it well stocked. This sign up will be set up prior to each home meet. Your donations can be dropped off directly to the Cafe when you arrive for warm-ups.

If you should need to cancel a volunteer activity or cafe donation less than 24 hours before a meet, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject "volunteer".  Any such email will be forwarded directly to the meet director.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding volunteer requirements please contact Christina Potts

Volunteer Job Descriptions




Training Required?


(1)The announcer must have a clear, strong voice and is responsible for announcing the upcoming races as well as the results of completed races. You will also make any other necessary announcements, and work with the Starter/Referee to keep the meet moving quickly and smoothly. (Home meets only)


Meet /Crab Cafe  Setup

(4  )Must be able to get to the pool around 4 pm and requires some lifting. This crew readies the pool area for competition.You would help set up the meet prior to the diving meet. This will include setting up the scoring tent and table, moving bleachers and setting up ready area benches. Around 5pm you would transition over to set up for the Crab Cafe. This would include filling coolers and setting up tables and food donations. Overall, insuring that the cafe is ready to go when the meet starts. (Home meets only)


Crab Cafe Shift Workers

(4) The crab cafe is a place where swimmers and their families can purchase snacks, drinks and meals during a swim meet.  The shift workers are responsible for collecting money and distributing food to customers. The first shift works for the first half of the meet and the second shift works for the second half of the meet. (Home meets only)


Meet / Crab Cafe Tear Down

(4)Towards the end of the meet (start of medley relays) the crab cafe needs to be broken down and cleaned up. This includes taking down tables, emptying coolers, and the cleaning up of food items. At the end of the meet the ready area benches need to put away, scoring tent and tables to be dismantled and bleachers moved. (Home Meets only)


Finish Judge

(1 from each team) The finish judge stands at the end of the pool and observes the end of the race. You help decide the order in which the swimmers finished the event (i.e., who won) You only need to judge Heat 1 and only Lanes 1-6.  No technical knowledge of swimming is required, but it does require a keen ability to focus your attention for close races. Finish Judge may be used for Relay take off judge during relays. You will be trained.


Relay Take off Judge

(2) The relay take off judge watches the relay races to see that the swimmers do not leave early from the starting block.  Finish Judge may be used for relay take off judge during relays if necessary.


Heat Winner

(2)The heat winner award watches each race and greets the winner with a small prize. these people will watch for the first place finisher in each heat and provide that swimmer with a small prize. Prizes will be provided to the heat winner volunteer by the meet director at the start of the meet. We typically have one on each side of the pool (lane 1 and lane 10 at finishing  side) however, the two volunteers are free to split the job up any way they like.




Ready Bench Area    

(2)The ready bench personnel receive swimmers as their coaches send them to line up for their races. They organize the swimmers into the appropriate age group, gender, (event), heat and lane assignment and then ensure they get to the appropriate lane.

The younger children require more guidance.   All information for each race will be on the heat sheet provided to you.



(2)The runners collect and deliver a variety of information during a meet including  the times from the timers in each lane,disqualification slips from Stroke & Turn Judges and finish slips from the first heat of each event from the finish judges. All information is delivered to the score table following each race.  You stay on the move throughout the meet. So, it's great exercise. (Home meets only)


Score Table

This person gets the DQ slips and records the finish judges' results as well as times and DQs.  Volunteers interested in this job will need to receive some basic training in scoring and/or shadow a more experienced volunteer.


Computer/Meet Manager Manager

This person is responsible for sitting at the score table and using the computer to transfer times from Meet Manager into the scoring software. It is as simple as pressing a few buttons on the computer after each race. Front row seat for the meet. You will be trained.



Dolphin Timing System

This person is responsible for sitting at the score table and making sure to save the times during each race.  It is as simple as pressing a few buttons on the computer during each race. Front row seat for the meet. You will be trained.



The Starter/Referee is responsible for the operation of the swim meet.  They organize the officials in the beginning of the meet. They are also responsible for starting races and overseeing the officiating.  This person must be very knowledgeable about the rules and regulations of the league and strokes. This is a trained position.


Stroke and Turn

This person should attend a stroke & turn clinic or have advanced knowledge of various strokes, turns and touches.  Stroke and turn judges will need to be in position and able to explain a call of disqualification to the starter referee and or coaches when asked.  This is a technical position for experienced people, however summer is a perfect time to shadow and learn this important position (we need people to learn this job!!!!)


Team Snack

(1)At the conclusion of the meet, members of both teams are presented with a snack as they leave the facility (usually freeze pops).  The coordinator of the team snack are responsible for purchasing the snack (you will be reimbursed), preparing the snack (freezing the pops), and distributing the snack as the swimmers leave the meet. About 200 pops are needed for each home meet.





(15)Timers are responsible for timing each swim in a given lane throughout a meet.  The only required skill is the ability to run a stopwatch. Each lane has three timers.  The watch starts when the strobe light flashes and stops when any part of the swimmer touches the wall.  All times for each race are recorded and submitted to the score table.


Before the start of the diving portion of the meet, volunteers must check in with the Diving Rep  to receive credit for their job fulfillment. The Scorer table will have one announcer, one scorer, one calculator and two checkers at a dual meet.

Diving set up/clean up

(2) Prepare the area for diving and clean up after (Home Meets Only)


Diving Announcer

1) Before diving events begin, the announcer shall announce the diving order by reading the name and affiliation of each diver entered in dual meets . Before each dive, the announcer shall announce the name of the competitor, the name of the dive to be performed, the position of the dive and the degree of difficulty.  “On deck” diver shall only be announced for the first round. During the competition, the announcer shall not announce any affiliation or individual titles relating to the competitor. After each dive, the announcer shall call for the judges’ awards, if instructed to do so by the referee, and shall announce the awards in the same consecutive order each time.  When instructed by the referee, the announcer shall reduce each judge’s award by two points when the awards are announced. At the completion of the event or Championship session and after verification and approval of the results by the referee, the announcer shall announce the results, giving the order of finish, the competitor’s name, affiliation and total score. (Home Meets Only)


Table Officials (Scorers)

(1 from each team) The table officials will use one diving sheet and have an extra person at the table to double-check the single sheet.  The recorders shall place the judges’ awards on the divers’ score sheets in the same consecutive order as announced each time.


League offers a training course at the beginning of each season please contact the Diving Rep if you are interested.

Diving Referee


(1)The home team is responsible for providing the diving referee.  In the event that the home team cannot provide a diving referee, the visiting team may provide the diving referee. The diving referee shall have full jurisdiction over the diving events and shall see that all rules are enforced.  In all dual and championship meets, the diving referee shall make final decisions concerning all questions arising from conduct of the diving events, the final settlement of which is not covered by the rules and shall have discretionary power to set aside the application of a procedure or rule when there is apparent unfairness in dual meets. (Home Meets Only)


League offers a training course at the beginning of each season please contact the Diving Rep if you are interested


Diving Judges

(3 home, 2 Away)  The diving referee may also be one of the 5 judges. The judges shall sit where the diving referee directs them. Each judge shall assess each dive independently and shall give scores for each dive from 10 to 0 in accordance with the attached scoring table. After each dive, on the signal from the diving referee or the call from the announcer, each judge without communicating with any other judge shall immediately and simultaneously with the other judges flash his award.




League offers a training course at the beginning of each season please contact the Diving Rep if you are interested