2018 Registration
Alert !!!
As of 8th June 2018, the registration is closed for
  1. New Families
  2. Outside Families (both new & returning families)

The registration for returning families will close on 13th June 2018.

Early registration for returning families begins Wednesday March 14, 2018.  Early registration for new families begins March 28, 2018.  Late registration begins May 4th.
Delayed registration or Delayed payment made after May 31st will incur an additional $10 penalty per swimmer.
Note: The registration is considered "complete" only after the payment is made.
*Outside families pay $45 per family in addition to dues.
Early registration dues:
1st swimmer - $175
2nd swimmer - $160
3rd swimmer - $150
Mini Torpedoes - $185
Late registration dues:
1st swimmer - $185
2nd swimmer - $170
3rd swimmer - $160
Mini Torpedoes - $185
Delayed Registration or Payment Penalty: $10
1st swimmer - $195
2nd swimmer - $180
3rd swimmer - $170
Mini Torpedoes - $195


The payment may be made via check (no fee) or paypal ($4 fee per swimmer)

  1. Check Payment
    1. Check must be made to "Loudoun Valley Estates Torpedoes"
    2. Check must include the full name of the swimmer in the remarks/comments.
    3. Checks must be dropped off @ the LVE Torpedoes drop-box near the poolside at the clubhouse
    • Note: Checks should NOT be dropped off @ HOA Office mailbox
  2. Paypal Payment
    1. Payment must be made to
    2. Please mention full name of the swimmer(s) while making payments
    • Note: Payment via paypal must include additional $4 fee per swimmer.


Payment Totals

Payment Mode Payment Via Check Payment Via Paypal
Swimmer # Early Reg. Late Reg. Delayed Reg. Early Reg. Late Reg. Delayed Reg.
1 $175 $185 $195 $179 $189 $199
2 $335 $345 $355 $343 $353 $363
3 $485 $495 $505 $497 $507 $517
4 $635 $645 $655 $651 $661 $671


Each new swimmer (including last year mini Torpedoes) must pass the evaluation to join the team. Evaluation details can be found on the registration page (from the link below).


Each swimmer will receive a t-shirt (if registered and paid by May 4) and swim cap. Please enter your child’s size carefully during registration. Note that there is no Child-Small size so if you enter “Small,” you will receive an Adult-Small. Because t-shirts are ordered according to the sizes entered in registration, we can’t offer exchanges.


Mini Torpedoes must be 4 years old by June 15, 2018. Must be able to: submerge completely for 5-10 seconds, float on front or back for 5-10 seconds unassisted in 5 ft water, swim at least 15 meters freestyle or backstroke unassisted in 4 ft water, be comfortable in the water without a parent, be comfortable in a group instruction environment, and should already have had formal group/private swim lessons. Limited to 20  total positions. Mini T swimmers can progress to the team at any point in the season once they are able to complete 25 meters freestyle or backstroke. Our goal is to swim! Swimmers who are not ready for the Mini T program are encouraged to take group or private lessons to prepare for the following season.

Mini Evaluations will be held on TBD

Each Mini Torpedo will receive a t-shirt. Please see note above regarding t-shirt sizes.