Absolutely No Glass!  

Parents must observe children in baby pool at all times! Only children ages 5 and under are allowed in the baby pool. 

Please keep smoking to a minimum! If you smoke, please keep to the edges of the pool deck or outside the fence. 

No drinks allowed in the pool. 

Chairs must be 4 feet from the edge of the pool at all time. The guards need to be able to get to the pool quickly if needed! 

No running on the pool deck. 

BBQ pits (propane and charcoal) available for use. Propane is provided. 

Members will be requested to sign in  at the guard desk.  All members of your family in attendance should be listed.  If bringing a guest, their names shall be indicated as well.

Children under 8 will not be admitted to the pool unless accompanied by a person 13 or older. 

Children 8-12 must pass a swim test to be admitted to the pool without supervisionPlease see a lifeguard on duty.

Proper swimwear is required while in the pool. Swimsuits over diapers are mandatory for infants in the pool.

Minimum age for adult swim is 18 years.  Anyone under 18 should be completely out of the pool during adult swim.

Running or rough play will not be tolerated.

Only one person at a time on the slide and on the diving board steps.

Air mattresses, inner tubes, water guns, basketball, etc, will be permitted at the discretion of the lifeguards

Theft or malicious destruction of property is grounds for suspension until full restitution is made.

No one will be admitted as a guest unless they are with a member.

Profane language will not be tolerated.