2018 information

Registration for the 2018 summer season will open around April 1st, 2018. 

Dear Swimmers and Parents,

Welcome to the 2018 Swim season!

There are going to be some changes this year; very exciting! We will be swimming at the Hood County YMCA! We will miss being outdoors and having the city park for the Navy SEALS Challenge, and a place for siblings to play, but otherwise we believe this is going to be very positive for our team.

On the other hand, we are looking at a ten dollar decrease per person instead of a fifteen dollar increase from last year, we can swim in any weather, minimal bugs, wider lanes and not that early season cold water and late season hot water. Some of the swimmers are going to miss being hosed down after a lactate set….hmmmm.

There are some things we are going to do differently at the YMCA. We will be parking at AMS (Acton Middle School), entry through the door by the outdoor pool only, and have use of the two bathrooms in the pool area. If you are a member of the YMCA and would like to use the entire facility, you can exit by the door leading to the outdoor pool and walk around the front to check in at the desk. We suggest all other non-swimmers bring lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy the grassy area behind the YMCA. This will help keep the noise level down inside the pool so your swimmers can focus on training. 

‘Inbetweeners’ will be in the 2 lap lanes outside, no one except the inbetweeners & coaches will be allowed inside the outdoor pool gated area. We will start the first group at 8:15am instead of 8:30am (see below for the schedule for the summer).

Pups will not change from last year. Lessons will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10a-11a at Comanche Cove Pool.

We will use 6 lanes, sharing the pool with lap swimmers (2 lanes) first thing in the am and a water exercise class at 8:30 am. As usual everyone is expected to be on their best behavior; all part of the privilege of using the YMCA. The YMCA pool is shallower than the city pool so we will be changing some of our diving policies to meet those conditions and to stay safe.

We will host two meets this year as usual, June 10th and June 24th. The meets will have fewer numbers than in past years, and we will rent two porta-potties for outside the pool area to take pressure off the toilets inside. Everyone will also enter through the door by the outdoor pool for the meet and park at AMS. The meets will start at 8 am and be over by noon so the YMCA pool can open to its members.

We will have a YMCA representative talk to the parents at our early season parent meeting, explaining the specials the YMCA is running for membership. (in case you are interested.)

As it looks right now this is our schedule:

Cost per Swimmer, along with sponsorships from local businesses, will cover the following: pool rental (this also includes rental for ages 15 and up Tuesday and Thursday evening), all TAAF fees and dues, TAAF insurance for team, t-shirt, white latex cap; plus state qualifiers’ entry fees, t-shirt and cap, as well as swimming opportunities for underprivileged swimmers. Swimmers will be able to register on the SEALS web page starting April 1, 2017. You will have the option to pay by credit card, check or cash.

TAAF has added a small change to their rules because of their insurance policy for meets, whereby if you are going to swim in a meet you MUST have a signature on the TAAF release form and be registered online at the SEALS webpage the Monday before the meet.

First person in the family - $123.00

Other family members - $118.00 if done at the same time, otherwise a $ 5.00 fee will be added for processing.

Pups - $68 + $5 registration. If a pup is being registered at the same time as other family members, then the $5 does not apply. If registering a pup alone, total cost will be $73.


2018 dates shown below.

Suit fittings – April 17th and 19th – 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm at the YMCA (enter through door by the outdoor pool)

Tryouts – April 17th and 19th and May 15th and 17th – 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm at the YMCA (enter through the door by the outdoor pool)

First day of Practice – May 29th for returning Seals, May 30th for new Seals (all practice sessions enter through the door by the outdoor pool)

15 years and up – 5:15 am to 6:45 am followed by dryland Monday thru Thursday morning

15 years and up – 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday evening

11 – 14 years – 6:45 am – 8:00 am followed by dryland – Monday thru Thursday morning

9- 10 years – Dryland 7:45 am, pool time 8:00 am – 8:45 am – Monday thru Thursday morning

8 and under – Dryland 8:30 am, pool time pool time 8:45 am – 9:15 am – Monday thru Thursday morning

June 9th – we host a TAAF swim meet at the YMCA

June 23th, we host a TAAF swim meet at the YMCA

Regional Meet – July 14th – July 15th at Keller Natatorium

State Meet – July 26th - July 28th at College Station, Texas

We are having a TAAF Meeting on the 12th of April to determine which teams will be coming to our meets and where we go for our other two circuit meets.

We will have banners outside the YMCA reminding SEALS members to use the AMS parking and where to enter. There will not be entry into the YMCA from the pool, so if you are a member you will be required to walk around (just a bit of exercise) and check in at the desk. We will be expecting everyone to clean up after themselves as we expected at the City Pool. The YMCA is providing lifeguards for the SEALS during swim practice. Everyone will need to respect them.

This is an exciting change, and we ask you to please be patient as we iron out the particulars and respect the new beautiful pool we get to use!!!


See you at the pool,

Coach Janet