Fundraising is an important function of our team that everyone can help with and we all share the benefits. Our fundraising  allows us to do a number of things we aren't able to accomplish with revenue from monthly dues alone. 

This past season your fundraising efforts paid for medicine balls used for training in and out of the pool, stretch cords, and mats for dryland training. We also bought tempo trainers the swimmers wear in their swim caps to help keep up a faster pace, as well as bungee cords that provide lots of resistance as they try to make it across the pool attached to them! We replaced two of our broken large pace clocks, bought 20 stopwatches for our swim meets, and a number of other items the coaches can use to provide better training for your swimmers.

We also are using the fundraising dollars to pay for our coaches continuing education. We believe we have the most dedicated coaches in the area and want to ensure they have all of the latest training and educational information available to them, so they can share it with your swimmers.  The coaches attend coaching clinics and go through continuing education to achieve higher levels of coaching certifications.  Our budget this year to cover the costs of the clinics and certifications for our coaches is $3500. 

Our biggest fundraiser is Swim-A-Thon which runs September through the end of October. We also have a number of "passive" fundraisers that run all year and really help and don't cost you anything. Kroger, Randall's, and Amazon all have community reward programs that we qualify for a a 501c3 non-profit organization. There is information under the fundraising tab on how to get set up for any or all of them. Each only takes a couple minutes to set up. You can also click the links below to go directly to the instructions for each fundraiser.




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For information on how to sponsor the team, or if you know a business that would like to sponsor us, click Here  for more information.

Thank you for helping support your team!