Sylvan Lake Nauticals Policies Approved by the Board.

1. Names on Recognition Plaque have to have one of the following criteria: any national level time( this would include Westerns, Canadian Junior Championships, Canadian Senior Championships, and trials times)  and or swim at any national level meet, have swam or are swimming for a college or university team. The swimmer would have to achieve one of these times while swimming at our club, or gone from our club to a collegiate team.

2. Families with Financial Needs: If financial aide has been applied for and assistance for swim fees is still needed, families can approach the board in person or in writing for assistance and each request will be on a case by case basis.

3.  Any board member, parent or coach can request an in camera meeting during a board meeting to discuss concerns that fall under the in camera policy.  

4. Bingos can not be used as a primary way to pay for swim fees unless they have approached the board and made arrangements.  Parents who wish to work extra bingos will be put on a list to be called in case there is a no show or a need to fill a spot.   Families looking to hire another parent or person to work their bingos can do so on there own and pay that individual directly and this will not involve the swim club.  There is no carry over of bingo money from season to season. 

5. Assistant coaches with WSI will get $20.00 per hour.  Assistant coaches without WSI will receive $15.00 per hour.  Coaches with Level 1 or higher- wages to be discussed by the board. The board will consider paying one course per year for assistant coaches, each will be decided on a case by case basis.

6. Swimmers are not be on deck without a coach present.


An in camera meeting is closed to the non-Board members, unless specifically invited by the Board Chair.  The Board Chair determines, in accordance with this policy, whether any non-Board members may be present.  In most instances, the Head Coach may be present except when the purpose of the in camera meeting is to discuss the compensation or performance of employees.  

Purpose of In Camera Meetings

Board meetings generally are open to club members and the proceedings of a board meeting are transparent and available to the membership.  The Board may meet in camera if the subject matter deals with:

1.  confidential matters related to risk management or negotiations being undertaken by the Swim Club; 

2.  sensitive matters about an identifiable individual that require Board discussion; 

3.  legal or compliance issues, or the integrity of the Club's financial condition;

4.  advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communication necessary for that purpose;

5.  performance or remuneration of the Head Coach or other employees. 

Process for in Camera Meetings

Any Board Member may make a request to the Board Chair for an in camera meeting.  Requests may be made prior to the Chair setting the Board meeting agenda, at the beginning of a Board meeting when the agenda is put forward for Board approval, or during a Board meeting in exceptional circumstances. 

Prior to any in camera meeting taking place, the Chair will determine whether the topic proposed for the in camera meeting fits within one of the five topics listed above.  If it does, the Chair will call for a motion to go in camera. 

Minutes of In Camera Meetings

Maintaining accurate minutes of all Board and Committee meetings, and in camera sessions is required.  They are the formal record of the Board's discussion and serve as evidence that the Board has exercised an appropriate level of due diligence.  The Secretary is the person responsible for the distribution of Board meeting agendas and the information packages, and maintaining the mintues of Board meetings.  For confidentiality purposes, the minutes of all in camera sessions are maintained in a seperate file by the President and are not made available to the general membership.  The in camera minutes will be reviewed at the next Board meeting for approval prior to filing.