Announcement: Swim Saskatchewan is rolling out a new officials data base.  If you are trained as an official, please submit a PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) form to Club Administrator  c/o Regina Marlins. 2400 13th Avenue, REGINA, SK S4P 0V9.


Becoming a Swimming Official:

Becoming a Swimming Official is a great way to become involved in your child's swimming.  Becoming a swimming official is a fairly easy process.  It just involves signing up for a free clinic.  Clinics are offered several times a year in various locations across the province. 

You start out by completing the Level 1 Introduction to Swimming Course, which will qualify you as a Timer and Safety Marshall.  Once you have completed the clinic, you just need to work two sessions at a meet (and get the Meet Referee to sign your card) to be fully qualified.  Every meet requires between 16 and 30 timers so you will have lots of opportunity to qualify! 

Once you have completed training for Level 1, you can take any of the other clinics.

Why Become a Swimming Official:

While some sports can run with only a few officials, every swim meet requires over 40 officials.  This means that in order for meets to operate, we need a lot of volunteers!  Becoming an official is part of the commitment every swimming family needs to make.  The good news is that when you are an official you have a great view of the pool and all of the action.  Another perk is that swimming officials are always provided with delicious meals, snacks and lots of water throughout the swim meet.

Requirements for Families of Marlins Competitive Swimmers:

To ensure we have enough officials to run the meets we host, we require each competitive family to ensure that at least one person (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling) completes at least one clinic and on-deck experience (2 sessions) each year.  It is great if more than one person in the family can be trained.  In many families, parents as well as grandparents and siblings of the swimmer are trained.

At the meet hosted by the Marlins, we expect the parents of each competing swimmer to work, either as an official or in another capacity, every session of the meet.

Finally, we require each competitive family to provide an official for at least one swim meet that is not hosted by the Marlins.  Providing officials to support other clubs paves the way when we need to ask other clubs to help us out with officiating.

For More Information about Officiating: