Practice times

2020 Practice begins on MONDAY JUNE 22nd!


The plan is that the Killer Whales will have the pool for practice six days a week from 8:30am -11 am Sunday through Friday across the season - from opening until the end of July. Additionally, swim team have been given use of the Pool on Saturday mornings for swim meets and one July 4th ( see our family fun morning). We will have four virtual meets this season on Saturdays from July 11th to August 1st


For now, we will start with this schedule

Swimmers 10 years and under should arrive 8:30 am and will swim until 9:20am (but beginners may be released earlier)

Swimmers 11 and up should arrive 9:20am and will swim until 10:50am

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule will change once we know how many swimmers we have on the team and also once we define the training groups.  


Swimmers should not attend practice if they, or anyone in their family, is feeling unwell.

The pool will designate a specific gate for arrivals. All swimmers should arrive on time at that gate and enter the grounds in a socially distant manner.

  • Swimmers should arrive already changed into swim suits for practice.
  • Swimmers will be directed to a spacious waiting area on the grounds before their practice begins.
  • Swimmers should bring a large towel or yoga mat to practice. We will ask them to sit on their towels to space them out while doing some drills.
  • Swimmers should bring their own water bottles to practice and leave them on their own towels.
  • There will no sharing of equipment *including goggles*.
  • As bathrooms have to be cleaned after each use, please encourage your swimmer to go before they come to practice.

Training Groups

The coaches will work out specific times for each training group. We will not overlap training times for different groups so there will be a short break between groups to allow one group to exit the pool area before the other starts.

We will follow the PG County guidelines on lane usage. If the County allows more than one swimmer per lane, we will subdivide the training groups into smaller sub groups or create lane buddies. We will ask swimmers to stay in the same training groups/buddy group and are looking into colored ankle bands to help with this.

Practice Drills

We will enforce social distance throughout practice.

Practice will be mainly drills, which will focus on swimming one length of the pool, getting out, walking back to the other end of the pool and diving in again. Swimmers will not cross in the lanes unless the County permits that.

In order to regulate the movement around the deck we will set up dry land stations to slow the swimmers down as they walk back to the diving-in point. At each station we will expect swimmers to do something like jumping jacks to pace their walk about the deck.

For the younger age groups, we will use all of the pool so that we can space out the swimmers. This means that some of the younger swimmers will, on occasion, swim the width of the big pool as part of their training.

We will have extra coaches for the younger training groups for greater supervision.

The emphasis will be on keeping safe, keeping active and having fun at practice.

We will review practice regularly to make improvements and modifications as we get used to our drills.