Updated 4/29/17

Our Fundraising Efforts

Through the years, various fundraising attempts have produced varying results. Eventually, we identified the need to coordinate our efforts, to implement a strategic plan, & to measure results. 

 Our 2018 fundraising goal is $5,000 & here is our plan:

  • T-shirts. Provide back-of-shirt identification for up to eight businesses at $250 each to cover the expense of 200+ free t-shirts and swim caps to all swimmers. The deadline to participate is Friday, May 11th, in order for printing to be completed by June 3rd.
  • "Splash-getti" Silent Auction, Friday, July 21. Last year's first effort raised $352. This year we already have sports passes to BC, EMU & JMU events valued more than that. We are seeking contributions valued at $100-$1000. How will you help us?
  • Waves Wear. Last year we netted $152, after covering the ~$275 expense of coaches' specialty t-shirts. Please wear your Waves Wear proudly!
  • Corporate Donations. Last year, our swim families' businesses donated $600 toward the $540 cost of swim caps, given free to all swimmers. We have already received $250 in generous donations for 2017.
  • Restaurant Fundraisers. Last year, our swim families raised $636 raised from three events held at Chipotle, O'Neill's Grill, & Which Wich. We will host our third restaurant fundraiser of 2017 this Sunday, April 30, 5-8pm at CiCi's Pizza. We have learned, however, the Harrisonburg market seems rather tapped out of this strategy.

  • Concessions. After years of parent volunteers doing everything w/ donations & some Dominos pizza orders, we decided last year to turn it over to a third party vendor. Chanello's Pizza donated $510 from our 2 1/2 home meets. We will be seeking a similar arrangement with either Chanello's again, or the Westover Pool's new concession operator, Triple B Cafe.

  • Champs Heat Sheets Ads. This consistently raises >$500 annually, but last year, in our team's turn to create the Champs program, we earned $820. We will alert you when it's time to contributed an advertisement featuring your swimmers.
  • Preferred Business Services. This is Tony's big idea for the year, so please help it succeed. By invitation only, a local business may be included on our 'Preferred Services' list -- including a swim family endorsement & website link -- for $50 year.
  • Meet Sponsor. This is Tony's other big idea for the year. For $100, use our home meets as a marketing outreach tool. Exclusive to swim family businesses only.

For more information, please contact Cindi Sandridge. Thank you.

The Westover Waves Swim Team is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, community-based organization, ID #54-1953881. Although the City of Harrisonburg offers free facilities use, we are completely independent & self-sustaining.