Team Pricing

What are the costs for joining the team?

You must be a member of the Metro Rec Plex.  Their fees can be found here.

Your monthly fee to be on the team is determined by the squad (practice group) in which your swimmer is placed based on their swimming skills.  We offer a variety of squads to cover swimmers wanting to be better at summer swimming, to those wanting to make the Olympics.

Winter Swim Fees 2020/2021

Pre-Team Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3 Squad 3 Elite Squad 4 National Squad National Elite Squad



$110 $90 $100 $120 $140 $155 $165 $180 $120 $145

  A description of the Squad levels can be found here. 

There will also be the annual USA Swimming registration fee of $70, invoiced to your account by the swim team on the 1st of September, and then paid to Ozark Swimming by the team.  Swimmers registering after Sept 1, will have their accounts invoiced separately, and registration forms and payment will be done by the team.  Meet fees vary by meet.  

Why are Pre-Team Fees higher than Squad 1 and 2?

We really want the swimmers to develop great swimming strokes.  To do this we need a low swimmer to coach ratio. This low ratio gives your swimmer more attention and better stroke correction.  We need to charge higher rates to be able to cover the cost of more coaches.

How did you set the fee structure?

Many factors went into setting our fee structure.  If it is too low the team will not be around very long.  Too high and it will limit the numbers of swimmers that sign up.  After extensive research and running of the numbers, we decided the above fees were best for the team and the families.  We are about 25% more than other local teams, but about 30% less than other USA Swimming only teams.  We took into account that you must be a Metrorecplex member and the quality of the facilities we get to train in.

What if I have already paid my annual fee for USA Swimming?

There is a $1 fee, paid to Ozark Swimming, to transfer your USA Swimming registration to the Seahawks.  This will be covered by the Seahawks.

Will there be a multi swimmer discount?

YES!  We have 3 swimmers ourselves and know how the costs can add up.

  • Child 1 - Full Price
  • Child 2 - 5% Discount
  • Child 3 - 10% Discount
  • Child 4+ - Free

What meet fees will we have to pay?

Meet fees are set by the host team and will vary from meet to meet.

When will billing start?

Billing starts immediately.  Registration fees are included in the August monthly dues.  Registration on 1 September or thereafter will have an $50 registration fee per new family,  but may be reduced or waived for families moving into the area. 

What if I need financial support to be able to afford the team fees?

We will have a scholarship program for those that need help.  A scholarship request form will be made available online shortly.  USA swimming also provides assistance for USA Swimming registration fees and meet fees through their Outreach Program.  A  USA swimming Outreach Athlete form must be filled out, which can be found under Documents on our website, along with a proof of need for assistance.  We want every swimmer to be able to swim regardless of financial situation.

How much fund raising will I have to do?

That is a good question.  Most teams have a lot of fundraising and the Seahawks might not be any different.  Our goal is to get alumni, local companies and people that just want to support the Seahawks to donate $25, $50, $100 or even $1,000/month.  It will take a while to build up this type of support so we might have to have some dedicated fundraising events such as swimathons.  The swim meets that we host are primarily fundraising events.