It takes a tremendous number of volunteers to operate a successful swim team and have a positive experience for the swimmers and their families. Volunteers are needed for serving in administrative roles, event coordinating, and running swim meets. Volunteering is a great way to get to know other swim team families and to create a fun, supportive and lasting experience for each swimmer.

Most volunteer positions do not require any experience. Any training needed is provided by the league. Team Managers coordinate the volunteer signup process for their team. See a list of volunteer opportunities and descriptions at the link below.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Unless otherwise noted, positions do not require specific training or experience.
Look for the 
Smiling for the jobs best suited to our new members.


STARTERS: The visiting team supplies one starter for a meet.  Starters  must attend the CNSL starter's training clinic before acting as a starter for any meet.

ANNOUNCER: The announcer should be aware of each event as it is swum.  He/she can announce the next event shortly after the last swimmer in the previous event has touched the wall.  The announcer also announces the score, All City qualifying times, and team records.  This should be done during a break when timers are switching ends of the pool, and at the end of the meet.  The announcer may help resolve matters related to the conduct of the meet.

REFEREE: The home team is responsible for supplying one referee.  The referee has full authority over all officials and shall assign and instruct them before each meet.  The referee shall resolve all matters relating to the conduct of the meet.  The referee may double as the starter or stroke and turn judge.  The individual should have at least one season's experience in one of these positions. Referee  must attend the CNSL training clinic before acting as a Referee for any meet.

STROKE & TURN JUDGE: Each team must supply at least two qualified judges for each meet.  The individual  must attend a CNSL Stroke & Turn training clinic to ensure consistency throughout the league.

HEAD TIMER & Smiling TIMERS: The head timer recruits, organizes, briefs and supervises timers for all home meets.  The head timer will assign each timer to a lane.  There should be one home team and one visiting team timer per lane.  The head timer will time each event in a back-up capacity.  All timers should arrive no later than one half hour before the start of the meet.

CLERK OF COURSE: The clerks of course will check the swimmers in, tell them their lane assignments, give them their cards and instruct them on where to wait.  When it is relay time, the clerks should check the relay cards and help gather swimmers.   The clerks from each team confer in order to combine heats when necessary.  The clerks confer with the announcer to control the flow of swimmers to the clerk's table.  It works best to call swimmers to the clerk two events ahead of the event they are to swim.  Arrive by 7:00am and assist ribbon writers at the end of the meet.

DECK SUPERVISORS: Organize swimmers on deck by event, heat and lane with an emphasis on the younger swimmers.  If you are new to being a Deck Supervisor, the second half of the meet is easy because it's mostly the older kids lining themselves up for breaststroke and butterfly.

SWEEP JUDGES: Each team needs at least one experienced sweeps judge.  Sweep judges and timers share the responsibility of place designation for each heat.  All completed sweeps sheets should be turned in with the final results.  These act as checks and balances to the results sheets.

SCORERS: At least two individuals from each team are required to record and score the meets.  Scorers receive completed event cards and sweeps sheets and record the appropriate placement of swimmers on the scoring sheets.  The scorer determines the official time of the swimmers.  The scorers must pay attention to disqualified swimmers and record them on a separate form. 

Smiling  RIBBON WRITERS: Write the award ribbons and best time ribbons during the meet (usually with a great poolside view!).  Ribbons are awarded up to eighth place per event.  The scorers will write the swimmers' placements on the cards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

Smiling  RUNNERS: Collect the cards from each swimmer and distribute them to the proper timer.  After each event, collect these cards from the timers along with the sweeps sheets and deliver to the scorers at the end of each heat.  Wear comfortable shoes!

Smiling  CONCESSIONS AND BBQ SPECIALIST: Sell refreshments and food at home meets. First and last shifts will assist with set-up and clean-up.

PEP RALLY COORDINATOR: Plans various pep rallies for promoting team spirit.   Coordinates food for each event.

Smiling  SATURDAY AFTER MEET CLEAN-UP: Assists with clean up and putting away equipment at the completion of the home swim meets.

Smiling  RELIEF TIMER: Sets up and maintains tubs of bottled water (on ice) on the pool deck for the stroke and turn judges, coaches, and officials to have access to through-out the swim meet. Steps in to help out timers when they need a short break.

Smiling 6 AND UNDER SHEPHERD: Walk around the pool deck to gather the 8 & Under swimmers prior to each event. Help gather 8& U Relay teams.

Team Managers are always available to answer any questions you may have about volunteering...Find any of us in our bright green shirts at any practice!