Team Suits

Our suit is the Sporti Molecule suit in blue pictured below. 

If you purchase your suit at the pool you will get the team discount.

The the girls’ suit is $22.50 and the boys’ jammers are $18.

Suits can be purchased directly at the front desk but there is NO sizing kit at the front desk. There will be a sizing suits available during practices in the first two weeks. Swimmers should be DRY to try on the sizing suits so plan to do this before getting in the water. When buying the suit please buy the correct size as we will not take returns on worn suits. We strongly encourage swimmers to get a team suit but they are not mandatory. 


None of our suits have a logo as the logos do not fare well in the sun and chlorine. Our caps carry the team logo. Silicon ($12) and latex caps ($4) are available. These are also on sale at the front desk. Caps should be worn for meets and practices.


Suits are also available from Swimoutlet without the team discount. Please order the blue on black design