New Families

Welcome to the CSRC Swim Team!!  

We are thrilled to have you.  There are a few details that we want you to know to help ease your transition into our swim family.  If you have questions, please contact Stephanie, Dawn, Karen or one of our coaches as we are all happy to help you.  

Here are a few answers to your questions:
Practices:  Our practice times are 7 am for seniors and 9 am for juniors.  Sometimes there might be a younger swimmer at the senior swim practice - these swimmers are only there by invitation.  How often do we expect you to practice?  We'd love to have you practice every day, but we do understand that your family might have a vacation or events planned during the summer.  If so, please know that we support your family time.  We just ask for swimmers to be there as much as possible.  

Gear:  There is a "BUY Team Gear Here" button on the main page of our website.  This will take you to  This website does have really reasonable prices and has highlighted the items we like our swimmers to have.  Swimmers need fins, a swim snorkel (over the head), a cap (we provide the first one), and a suit.  Our team suit colors are NAVY and GOLD.  

Meets:  Our meets are all listed under the "Events" tab.  We hope that you're able to join us at all our meets.  Each event when active (the week before or so) will allow you to sign up for your swimmer by choosing events as well as to sign up for volunteer hours.  If you have questions or concerns, we are happy to help you or your swimmer sign up.  We send out emails letting parents know that the meet is "open" for sign up and then the date by which sign ups must be made.  Trouble?  Just contact a coach or Stephanie and they can help with sign ups.  

Fees:  Our registration fees are as listed on the "Membership" tab.  In addition to this, there are supplies that we recommend as well as meet fees.  These meet fees are based on the meets your swimmer is involved in.  Many have a meet entry fee as well as splash fees (these are fees for each event swam).  Fees are noted on the meet sign up page.  Dual meets do not have fees but the Pentathlon, Platte Splash, Long Distance and the City Championship do to name a few.  Please be sure to pay these fees by dropping them in the Swim Team box at the front desk or by giving you cash/check to Karen, our team treasurer. 

Volunteer Hours:  Each family is expected to give 10 hours (minimum) of volunteer time each summer.  We track these hours by having parents sign up for job on the "Events" tab (each meet has its own job sign up tab).  For those parents who work full time, there are weekend meets, and any person in the family can work hours to help cover the requirement.  For families who are unable to complete this requirement, we charge $100.  We prefer not to change this fee as we really need all families to give 10 hours.  We do not exist without our volunteers as this is how we make swim meets happen.  We appreciate you giving your time!