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"Minis" Swim Team Prep Program

For Residents & Non-Residents

Program overview

The Martin’s Chase Minis Swim Team Prep Program is designed for children ages 4 and up who are already water “safe” and know how to swim but aren’t ready to swim the full length of the pool and be on the Manta Rays Swim Team this summer.   Children should be comfortable in the water without floats and be able to go underwater comfortably. Being able to float is preferred but not required.

This program differs from swim lessons in that it does not teach the fundamentals of swimming to kids that have not been through lessons, but rather it is led by the Manta Rays Swim Team coaching staff and is specifically designed to prepare your child for the full swim team experience.  In previous years, several of the children in this program moved up to the standard swim team during the same season and even competed in a meet.  The program will run for 6 weeks from June 11th through July 18th and time slots offered are based on program demand. 

Space is limited so register early!



·         Practices Length: 30 minutes

·         Practice Days:  3 Days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

·         Time Slots: 10:15am & 10:45am 

·         Program size is limited to 20 total kids with no more than 10 kids per time slot and times may be consolidated if demand doesn't justify two time slots. The program also requires a minimum of 5 registrants in order to run



Current price is $180.00 per child.  


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