We have known Coach BG since our daughter first tried out for club swimming in 2009. His passion for swimming is a real driver for the kid's he works with. Most recently my daughter, who competes in freestyle events, was looking to increase her abilities in breast stroke. We immediately looked up BG in his new position and booked private lessons for her. He made himself available for us on very short notice and it was not at all surprising when BG got in the water in order to show my daughter how to do something rather than tell her what to do. Rarely do you get that level of commitment. But you do when you look for the best, lucky for us he's local!
Lise' L

Briane Greene makes learning to swim lots of fun for kids of all ages. My daughter learned to swim in one clinic session.. She didn't want to take lessons at first but after going once she wanted to go back again. He is truly dedicated to what he is doing. He also teaches swimming technique to year round swimmers and makes that fun too. 
Amy K.

BG is the best! He gave my son the instruction and the confidence to pass a scouting swim test. We are very grateful to him for helping with this accomplishment.
Regina F.