GMA Boosters

The GMA Booster Club is dedicated to encouraging team spirit.  Our goal is to support our student athletes, our coaches and our parents by raising funds for small scholarships, team activities and improvements to our facilities.  We are committed to the team motto of "Excellence in swimming and in life" by supporting our local community through volunteerism.

The GMA Booster Club needs the involvement of as many GMA families as possible.  We hold regular publicized meetings throughout the season and hope to be a go-to resource for new families.  We host volunteer and fundraising activities to support GMA's continued success.   We hope you will come to as many meetings as you can. ALL GMA families are invited to attend and we want your voice and ideas to be heard.  


In the 2017-2018 seasons, the GMA Booster Club will host several fundraisers including a car wash, a dinner at Chopotle in South Burlington, a holiday Poinsettia sale and our annual USA Swimming Swim-A-Thon in January of 2018.   


We are always seeking team sponsorships from local businesses for or GMA Booster Club activities and events. Please contact GMA Booster Club at if you have any sponsorship ideas or leads.

GMA Booster Club Contacts:
P.O. Box 9372
South Burlington, Vermont

GMA Booster Club Contacts:

Danielle Harris - Co-President

Kristen McIntyre - Co-President

Marybeth Limanek - Director/ Poinsettia Sales

Raenetta Marcus - Treasurer

Kathleen Keenan - Secretary

Theresa Dwyer - Director

Elizabeth Austin - Director

Liz Subin - Director

Tammy Denton - Director


Vision Statement

To allow the high quality programming of Green Mountain Aquatics Swim Team to be accessible to all Vermont families and stable in its relationships with local training facilities. To support Green Mountain Aquatics swimmers’ success—locally, regionally and nationally.

Mission Statement

To conduct fundraising activities in support of the Green Mountain Aquatics Swim Team; encouraging Green Mountain Aquatics swimmers to be champions in swimming and in life.


Click HERE for the GMA Scholarship Application