Swim Team Registration

All paperwork for registration will be filled out at tryouts.  Once your team or clinic placement has been determined, you just need to inform Coach BG by e-mail whether or not you will be accepting your placement with STAC for the fall/winter season.  If you are unable to attend tryouts, please contact Brian Greene by e-mail for alternate arrangements.  Your guaranteed spot on the team will be determined by delivery of your first payment.  Initial payments should be made by check, no cash or credit cards, and mailed to the address indicated in your acceptance e-mail.  Payments 2 through 5 can be mailed in.  Payments for the fall/winter team will be broken down into 5 payments for the season and the spring/summer swim team will be broken down to 3 payments for the season using  the payment schedule below.  If your initial deposit payment is not received on time, we will need to assume that you are not accepting your spot on the team, and we will approach the next family on our waiting list for placement on the team.  ANY FAMILY THAT IS NOT PAID UP BY FEBRUARY 15, 2016 WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SWIM IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS.  There are no membership fees to join STAC, only the fees listed below.


     PAYMENT DUE DATES (September - March)

     Payment 1 - Initial deposit + Administrative Fee + USA Registration 
     Payment 2 - due September 15 + escrow
     Payment 3 - due October 15
     Payment 4 - due November 15
     Payment 5 - due December 15

     PAYMENT DUE DATES (April - August)

     Payment 1 - Initial deposit + Administrative Fee (if necessary) + USA Registration (if necessary)
     Payment 2 - due May 1 + escrow
     Payment 3 - due June 1
     FEES BY PRACTICE GROUP (September - March)

     Novice - $1075.00 ($215.00  Deposit, then $215 per payment)
     Junior Prep 1 - $1075.00 ($215.00 Deposit, then $215 per payment)
     Junior Prep 2 - $1475.00 ($295.00 Deposit, then $295.00 per payment)  
     Junior - $1675.00 ($335.00 Deposit, then $335 per payment)
     Senior - $1775.00 ($355.00 Deposit, then $355 per payment)

     FEES BY PRACTICE GROUP (April - August)

     Novice - $530.00 ($200 Deposit, then $165.00 per payment)
     Junior Prep 1 - $530.00 ($200.00 Deposit, then $165 per payment)
     Junior Prep 2 - $590.00 ($200.00 Deposit, then $195.00 per payment)
     Junior - $630.00 ($200.00 Deposit, then $215.00 per payment)
     Senior - $650.00 ($200.00 Deposit, then $225.00 per payment)

In addition to the team fees, there will be two additional fees due for the year with the first payment.  One is the USA registration fee of $62.00, the other is an annual administration fee of $50.00 from STAC.  Please include both of these fees with your first payment.


The fees above DO NOT include escrow payments for meet fees.  Escrow accounts must be set up in the beginning of the season and each family is required to have a meet escrow account.  Escrow money is not owned by the team, it is your money to be used only for meet fees.  Escrow money can not be accepted on the same check with Swim Team Registration fees.  Checks need to be made out separately to STAC.  An initial deposit of $200.00 is expected for families with one swimmer.  Additional swimmers from a family should expect to deposit an additional $50.00 per swimmer.  When an escrow falls below $50.00 the account must be replenished.  Invoices will be sent periodically by the business manager representative.  If your escrow account is not up to date in January, swimmers will not be entered in the Championship meets at the end of the season.  Please note, once a swimmer is entered in a meet, the family is responsible for the meet fees.  If a child gets sick and is unable to attend a meet that they have been entered in (see meet signout policy), you are still obligated to pay those fees.  Monies leftover at the end of the season will be carried over to the next season, unless you have indicated that you will be leaving the team and request the money back.


In September 2016, STAC will be implementing a Refer-A-Friend program.  For each new swimmer that signs up for our winter short course team or our winter (September - December) or spring (January - April) clinics, we will offer a monetary credit to your account towards your swimmers fees ONCE THE NEW FAMILY HAS PAID IN FULL. This program is ONLY for current STAC winter team members or long course families, and we will not issue any checks to a family, even if they leave the team. It is also only a one time offer for each new swimmer.  If there are two or more families that refer a friend, the credit will be shared by the families that referred them.  We have added a note on our registration forms asking who referred the families so that we can track this information.  Fees to be credited:
Any questions on this program, please contact Brian Greene to answer any questions.