Monmouth Barracudas Swim Club

Locations: Neptune Aquatic Center & Deal Casino, Ocean Ave Deal

2018 Spring / Summer Swim Session OPEN TO ALL

  • Session One – Spring - April 9 – June 17 at NAC
  • Session Two - Summer - June 22 – August 10

Session Two - Indoor/Outdoor swim will be at the NAC/Deal Casino /Spring Lake Pool


This is a great opportunity for High School swimmers, and younger swimmers to learn to move to the next level! We will be training daily, as well as working on all stroke techniques, starts and turns.  The Spring Session is open to swimmers aged 6-18yrs.  This session is great for all ages and abilities. However, since it is not swimming lessons, swimmers must be able to swim at least two competitive strokes and two lengths (50 yards) of the pool.  


For more information email Coach Paul at: coachpaulmb@aol.com or www.monmouthbarracudas.com  


Note: Spring and Summer swimmers will also be participating in swim meets. New swimmers must pay an additional $68 fee for your USA Registration if you wish to participate in swim meets.  Meet entry fees are in addition to your session fees and will be billed to you accordingly. Meet entry is subject to Qualifying times being achieved and most meets are LONG COURSE. 50 meter pool.


Fee for Each Session: $275 – Current Monmouth Barracudas ONLY (and Family members)

Fee for Each Session: $375 – Non – Barracudas
(Please note for BROWN group – 8 and under - $200 for Spring or Summer)


SESSION ONE/SPRING:     Monday April 9 – June 18, 2018 (group size is limited!)

1. Session BROWN: Ages 6 to 8 years-   Monday, Wednesday Friday – 6:45-7:30pm

​2. SESSION Yale:  Ages 10/under - Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 6:30-7:30pm

3. SESSION California: Ages 11-12 - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm

4. SESSION Michigan AGES 13-14- Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6:30-8:30pm

5. SESSION Kentucky: Ages 15/over – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  6:30-8:30pm

6. GROUP FLORIDA  must be selected by Coach Paul-  Monday thru Friday 6:30-8:30pm


IMPORTANT:  Carbone’s Dryland (Personal Trainers): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 4:15-5:00pm** Must be selected by Coach Paul and pay the  additional fee of $250.00 ages 12 over


SUMMER:   Monday June 25 - August 10, 2018

SESSION PRINCETON: Ages 11 and over -  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 6:15-8:00am at DEAL CASINO POOL and BEACH workouts at Spring Lake TBD after a try out

SESSION HARVARD: Ages 11 and over–  **Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at Spring Lake Pool 6:15-8:00am **days subject to change   Beach workouts in Spring Lake TBD based on try out

SESSION BROWN:  Ages 10/under - Thursday Friday – 6:15 – 8:00am at the NAC

Current GROUP HAWAII SWIMMERS:  Schedule TBD after meetings with Coach Paul

Summer Swimmers are able to swim at any of our pools on any day there is practice. Whichever pool works best for you , you are Welcome to be there for practice!


Carbone’s Dryland Schedule TBD  with additional fee of $250  Limited Space