About Cascade

Cascade Swim Club is a community club with a national presence.  We believe every swimmer is a winner.  With dedication, persistence, consistency and enthusiasm, any dream a swimmer has can come true. The program offered by Cascade covers a complete range of ability levels, from a fun and challenging practice for Novice and Age Group swimmer to a rigorous and challenging training program for Senior swimmer who desire to compete at Sectional and National levels.

The philosophy of the Cascade program promotes development of the total person.  Individual achievement and athletic excellence are encouraged but an equally important objective is to help swimmers become better equipped to cope with life’s challenges in a disciplined and constructive way.

Cascade Training Groups 
Our swimmers are challenged but not intimidated by the training group structure. Cascade’s training groups provide a solid progression of swimming skills and technique as each swimmer works toward his/her potential. We offer fair and accurate group placement based upon age, ability and commitment, insuring the right amount of physical and mental challenge for each swimmer.

For more information on our training groups go to Team Information.