CCR Rowing Programs

 CCR is a community of rowers and the coaches, parents and friends who support them. CCR is established for the purposes of providing opportunities for young men and women enrolled in middle or high school, Big Bend Area residents to participate in the sport of team rowing for the development of rowing skills, physical fitness, self-motivation, competitive spirit and sense of team work. CCR commits to fostering excellence in rowing, fitness, and character for each team member regardless of inherent athletic talent or rowing ability.

CCR Summer 2018 Rowing Camps

Learn to Row at Capital City Rowing’s Long Skinny Boat Camp

What is Long Skinny Boat Camp?
Long Skinny Boat Camp teaches beginners to row.

Beginners learn terminology, technique & teamwork.  Our experienced coaching staff will provide team-building land drills, on-the-water instruction and a good bit of fun and excitement.  Students train alongside the Varsity rowers for an enhanced rowing experience. Long Skinny Boat Camp is the perfect opportunity for any rising 6th through 12th grade high school student interested in the sport of rowing.

Is Experience Necessary?
  Capital City Rowing offers two sessions of one-week camp for first time rowers who want to learn more about the sport of rowing.  New rowers participate in hands-on instruction along-side experienced rowers. The only minimum requirement is campers must be entering the seventh grade and up to participate.

Program Details
CCR offer two 1-week Sessions (M-F, 8:30 am – 12:30 p.m. at Lake Hall at Maclay Gardens)

  • 1st Session: July 23 – July 27 ($225)
  • 2nd Session: July 30 – August 3 ($225)

Registration opens May 1st. If you would like email notification when registration opens please send your contact information to:

Why Row?

Exceptional Full Body Workout
Rowing combines the strength of the arms, back, and core with the power from the legs to involve all major muscle groups. Though it is a high aerobic workout, it is low impact on the joints, helping make rowing a popular sport for all ages.

A Walk-On Sport
Unlike many other sports, rowing is an ideal sport to learn at any age. Capital City Rowing welcomes rowers to join the team at any time throughout the year.  Our program is designed to accommodate rowers of all skill levels.  It is easier to get started than you may think!

Be a Part of a Team
Rowing is the ultimate team sport.  Rowers will quickly learn that being part of a ‘crew’ is a valuable experience.  Teamwork is a necessary component of rowing and provides opportunities for leadership and personal growth.

Enjoy the Outdoors
If you enjoy exercising outdoors, then you will love the opportunity to practice and compete on the water.  Few athletes have the opportunity to incorporate ‘being on the water’ into their daily routine, which many rowers find very satisfying.



CCR Year Round Rowing Programs



To train and develop highly competitive rowers with the intent of maximizing individual and team performance at the high school level. 9 month program, 6 days/week designed for experienced high school rowers

Training Includes:

  • Women: Land & Water: See Practice Calendar
  • Men: Land & Water: See Practice Calendar
  • Men & Women: Land: Sat AM or Sun PM

Program Description

  • 30,000M on-the-water training/week. Focus on skills development and race preparation.
  • 30,000M Erg training/week. Focus on development of aerobic and anaerobic capacity.
  • Daily core strength and injury prevention
  • Build positive self-esteem through discipline and structure
  • Foster patience, strength, and the value of commitment to self and others
  • Emphasize academics, college planning, and personal growth



High school students in their 1st year of rowing no matter what grade or age are called Novices.  Based on performance, novices may be moved to varsity program.


  • Beginning rowers will start the regular Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday rotation mirroring the varsity squads based on gender. Practices are from 2:30 – 5:15pm.
  • Novice Women: Lake Hall on Monday/Wednesday; Forest Meadows on Tuesday/Thursday.
  • Novice Men: Forest Meadows on Monday/Wednesday; Lake Hall on Tuesday/Thursday.

Program Description

  • To introduce high school students to the sport of rowing
  • To develop skills and technique progressively
  • To prepare new rowers for the physical demands of the spring racing schedule
  • Build positive self-esteem through discipline and structure
  • Foster patience, strength, and the value of commitment to self and others
  • Emphasize academics, college planning, and personal growth

Park passes will be issued to all registered rowers.  Note: Receipt of the signed Maclay Gardens Use of Facilities Agreement and a current annual physical form signed by your physician are required to complete registration. Both of these forms can be found on the CCR website


  • Varsity Rowers: Registration ($175) and Monthly Dues $265 (1st of each month) for 9 months. Total program fee for varsity is $2560 for full year (August-May).


Information coming soon for CCR's Fall Learn to Row Program which begins in September.


IMPORTANT: The initial account needs to be created by the parent/guardian with their email (NOT the rower’s email). Once your private account is established, you will be able to add up to 3 additional email accounts (including your rower), as well as easily sign-up for volunteering, make payments, maintain your own contact information, and more.

Required Forms: There are 5 waivers included in the registration that will be signed electronically.  Additionally, there are 2 forms that you MUST print and return to complete your registration (see below).

These forms can either be scanned and emailed to or mailed to 1400 Village Square, #3-310, Tallahassee, FL 32312.


Please Note Location of Practices:

  • Water Practices are held at Maclay Gardens, Lake Hall.  
  • Park Pass Required for Entry into Maclay Gardens every day.
  • Land Practices are held at Forest Meadows Erg Shack on Meridian Road.