What is our Schedule?

The YMCA Quicksilver Swim Team works with the Grand Island YMCA. Our schedule is determined by the staff which usually is working around many other YMCA Functions (primarily swim lessons).

The YMCA Quicksilver Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the YMCA Quicksilver Swim Team to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Please call us at 308-395-9622 to schedule a tryout, or Click Here to send us an email request for more information. 

How to navigate and utilize the website to it's full potential. Please refer to "Training webinars" in left column. Click on "other webinars" and then choose "New Parent Webinar".

Why do we pay for Y and USAS Fees?

We pay and register for both the YMCA and USAS (USA Swimming-- logo on side of website, click for details). This allows for our swim team to participate in YMCA Swim Meets across the state and country. Each year the YMCA has  their biggest swim meet, the YMCA National Swim Meet.

USA Swimming allow us to participate in swim meets across Nebraska and the country. The level of competition is usually more competitive at this level. Under Events, this refers to whether it is a USA Swimming or YMCA Event. 

What is Outreach and how does my child qualify?

Midwestern Swimming offers an Outreach program to athletes who are eligible for reduced price/free lunches through their public school system.  Proof of this eligibility must be provided at the time of registration and submitted with the athlete's USA Swimming application, using the Outreach application that is located under the REGISTRATION tab on this website. 

Upon submission of the required paperwork, Outreach athletes will be charged a reduced USA Swimming fee of $5.  Please make this $5 payable to Quicksilver Swimming and submit it directly to either Coach Brian or Peggy Lewandowski.  Outreach athletes will also pay reduced meet fees, which amount to 25% of the full price for each event the athlete swims in each USA meet.  There are some fees which are NOT reduced such as splash fees, surcharges (MW fee and facility fee), and relay fees. 

Midwestern Swimming's focus on diversity and inclusion is intended to insure that our sport is open and welcoming to all regardless of race, age, income, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender or sexual orientation. 

Please visit the Midwestern Swimming website to learn more - and be sure to watch the 4 minute video explaining Diversity and Outreach programs for our swimmers.  Click on this link to be directed:


What is Midwesterns?

Midwestern Swimming is one of 59 LSCs of USA Swimming. The geographic area includes all of Nebraska except the Panhandle region and includes the western two tiers of counties in Iowa. 

Each year, there is both a short course and long course (summer session) Midwestern Swim Meet.  This is a very competitive meet that requires certain times to be able to participate. Please refer to My Meet Results and use Midwestern Time Standards to compare with your child’s times. Also under the Document tab on the website, there is a pdf with the latest Midwestern Time Standards.

What is Zones?

Zones is an even more competitive swim meet than Midwesterns. USA Swimming divides the country up into 4 Zones. We participate in the Midwest Zones. To compete at this level, a swimmer must obtain a AAA Time. A triple A time is determined by the USAS Committee. These time standards are listed under the documents tab. Also, you can compare with how close your swimmer is to making these time under MY MEET RESULTS Section.

What is the All-Star Meet?

The All-Star Meet takes place in January. The top 5 swimmers in Midwesterns get to participate in this competitive meet. Also the swimmer must have obtained an A Time in this event.  (Please refer to 2009-2012 Motivational Times under Documents).  Please refer to the Midwestern website and go under TIMES to see where your athlete compares with the other swimmers.