Sponsor the Team!

The Delmar Dolfins Swim board recently approved the start of an important new team fundraising program. The goal is to find local team sponsors that will donate money to our team. In return, their financial contribution will enable them to better connect with our membership in un-obtrusive, but very effective ways.

Our Fundraising Goal
Beginning immediately, we are asking for your help through June 30, 2010 to help the team raise a minimum of $3000. Meeting our goal will be easy with your help!

Inexpensive. Really Easy. Really Effective Advertising.

  • $99 Per Year (Perfect for the home or small business or even individual)
  • $499 Per Year (Maximum reach)
  • $999 Per Year (Maximum reach. Guaranteed Revenue)

The Team Sponsors Win Big. For an Entire Year!

  • The Sponsor will create a high-quality, custom controlled coupon style ad and deliver this to our team website in about 10 minutes. Then change it anytime they like!
  • Every month, a "We Love Our Sponsors" eNewsletter is sent via email to our membership promoting the sponsors current offers. Generating consistent visibility.
  • The Sponsors Ad will instantly connect to other teams within a growing Ad Network.
  • Annually, sponsors are assured they will get thousands of new customer views, thousands of targeted emails sent and hundreds-of-thousands of webpage views.

Maybe you're a Sponsor? Maybe You Know Business Owners? We Need Your Help!

  • Do you own a home business that wants new customers and visibility? If so, sign-up today and start reaching new customers for as little as $99/Year!
  • Do you own or are you involved in a local business?
  • Do you have friends or contacts from the businesses in town? Refer them to us!

If you are a business owner, we kindly ask that you consider making a minimum sponsor contribution with the Plus Ad Plan which will set you back only $99 for an entire year of visibility! It's the best $99 you'll ever spend on advertising and you'll be helping our team. Click this link (or the big red button) to sign-up, as well, obtain additional pricing and program information.

How can you help?
First, login to your private team account by clicking here. Once you've signed in you will see a red button on the left called My Sponsor Center that will give you the ability to easily send a pre created email to anyone you know that could become a sponsor. You can send out as many as you like and as often as you like! The email will contain all the information they need to make their purchasing decision.

Thank you for your help,