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Class Descriptions

About Our Approach

  • *We teach to each individual child, not a formatted lesson plan.

  • ​*Class levels are generally combined and there is a blending of levels.

  • ​*Children may be working on different skills within a class.

  • *The class level may change throughout the season to reflect the             progression of the students in the class.


Ages 6 months- 3 years
There are no prerequisite skills for this class.

This class requires a parent or caregiver to attend the class and get in the water with the child.  The instructor will teach the adult how to get in and out of the pool with the child, how to hold the child in the water to ensure that the child feels supported and secure, and age appropriate skills that the adult can work on with the child.


Ages 2 years and up

There are no prerequisite skills for this class.

In this level, swimmers will be introduced to basic water skills.  Emphasis on kicking on stomach and back, climbing out of the pool without assistance, pushing off wall to and from instructor, blowing bubbles, and putting face in the water. 

New Skills To Be Taught: 

  • Entering and Exiting the pool safely
  • Blowing bubbles 
  • Kicking on stomach with a noodle/ kickboard 
  • Kicking on the back with and without a kickboard
  • Putting their face in the water​​

Ages 3 and up
For swimmers who have familiarity with swim lessons, but are not yet swimming.

New Skills To Be Taught:

  • Front glide (aka. Superman)- streamline with face in the water
  • Front glide with kick
  • Elementary backstroke (aka. Chicken-Airplane-Pencil)
  • Freestyle Arms
  • How to get a breath

Ages 5 and up
To move into the intermediate group a swimmer must be able to swim 10 yards of freestyle and 10 yards on back unassisted. 

New Skills to be taught:

  • Introduction to rotary (breathing to the side)
  • Freestyle with streamline off the wall, breathing to the side
  • Introduction to backstroke 
  • Introduction to dolphin kick
  • Introduction to butterfly
  • Introduction to shallow water diving

Ages 5 and up

New Skills:

  • Continued work on freestyle with rotary breathing (25 yards)
  • Continued work on backstroke (25 yards)
  • Dolphin kick (25 yards)
  • Butterfly (12 yards)
  • Introduction to breaststroke kick
  • Introduction to breaststroke arms
  • More practice on shallow water diving

Ages 6 and up 

To move into stroke development you must be able to swim 25 yards of both freestyle (with rotary breathing) and backstroke.  You must be able to demonstrate the breaststroke and the butterfly, but not in perfect form and not for any particular distance.   

New Skills to Be Taught:

  • Freestyle with bilateral, rotary breathing (25 yards)
  • Breaststroke (putting the breaststroke kick together with the arms) 
  • Basics of a flip turn
  • Continued work on shallow water dive​

LEVELS 7 and 8 
Ages 7 years old and up 
Level determined by the instructor based on stroke efficiency and speed.

In this level, swimmers will take time to refine the 4 competitive strokes of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly through drills.  They will also begin to incorporate flips turns on freestyle and backstroke transitions.  They will learn the 2 hand touch for butterfly and breaststroke.  During this time, they will learn the shallow water dive off of a block.  To be in this level, swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke, 25 yards of breaststroke and have some familiarity with butterfly.


Requirements for swimmers before joining this class:
50 Yards of freestyle (in :30 or less)
50 Yards of backstroke  (in :40 or less)
50 yards of butterfly
50 yards of breaststroke

Club Swim/ High School Fine-tuning is a class designed for swimmers who are on a swim team or plan to be on a swim team in the near future. During this class, swimmers will polish their strokes, turns,streamlines, and diving technique and work on racing skills and race strategy. This class is designed to improve swimmers’ speed.

Ages 16 and up
There are no prerequisite skills for this class.

This class is designed for the adult beginner who may be timid about swimming or who has never swam in deep water. Class is self-paced and will work on the basics. Instructors will help you work toward your own personal goal and will guide you in the areas in which you want to improve.


Ages 16 and up

This class is designed for adults who can swim at least 25 yards on their own, but would like to work on stroke technique. Focus is on the basics of freestyle, but swimmers may choose another focus. The class will work on endurance and confidence. Ideal for those who are not afraid of the water but have never had any formal training or for those who would like to develop their swimming for triathlons.