New Families

Welcome to all of our new families. It is great to see so many new faces on deck this fall. The new Novice program has created a lot of excitement in the club. The swimmers and parents have brought a new charge to the team and have really been positive so far. I am looking forward to meeting all of you during our “New Family Training” sessions on Monday nights at 7 PM. I have put together some material that will educate you on the sport of swimming and how our club operates. By the way, all new or returning families are welcome to join us for this communication session.

 To communicate some of the rules of pool usage for our club, I have made a short list of things that will help our relationship with the administration positive. These are in no particular order, as they are all important reminders to our club membership.

·           Please park in the lot by the northwest corner of the pool past the grass divider.

·           Loitering in the entrance area should be kept to a minimum. Please do not block the entrance
to the pool by camping out in the foyer.

·           If you arrive early, please wait for a coach before you enter the pool area.

·           If you stay to watch practice, please sit in the bleachers at the end nearest the entrance. Only swimmers and coaches should be beyond the white drain strips on the pool deck.

·           Please supervise all other children in the locker rooms and pool deck. Please have them sit in the stands and away from the water.

·           No food or drinks (other than water) on the pool deck.

·           Certain situations may arise that will warrant special amendments to these guidelines throughout the year. Please be courteous to the aquatics director, lifeguards, and coaching staff if you are approached about those rules.

 Dual meets and invitationals. The meets will begin very soon, and here are just a few reminders about my expectations for the meets.

1.     All swimmers must be in uniform (Speedo brand meet suit and Swim Indy cap). Kastaway is our official team apparel provider. Our new Speedo suits will be purple and black to go with our team colors (BD & B-burg colors).

2.     Swimmers should arrive no less than 15 minutes prior to the meet warm up. This gives them time to change, stretch, and be in the water on time.

3.     Only USA Swimming registered individuals are allowed on the pool deck. Parents must remain in the stands during meets. If you want to get involved, become an official.

Parent Education Meetings

·           Welcome to the club-Review Parent Handbook

·           Being a supportive parent to the swimmer and the club

·           The Basics-stroke rules & terminology

·           Practice-What is going on in the pool? Setting realistic goals

·           Equipment-cap & suit care, practice bags

·           Nutrition & Staying healthy

·           Officiating Clinic

·           Signing up for meets-Members Only login

·           Next Step?-Is Johnny signing up for the next Novice session or moving to the Bronze group?