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College Swimming
With “back to school” time creeping up, all of our seniors-to-be are hopefully looking forward to a fast senior year of swimming and considering continuing their careers in college. Something you might find interesting is a series of articles on, that detail the various stages of the recruiting process. Also on the same site is a blog being maintained by a high level recruit, detailing her experience in the recruiting process. Anyone considering swimming in college should check these articles out and get an inside look at what it takes.

For all of our college swimmers, we would like to stay in contact with you. Please log into to communicate with your club coach. Let us know some of your times, successes, complaints, hard/fun practices, etc.
There’s a new swimming website out there with a lot of cool content, The site has interviews with coaches and swimmers, articles and news from around the swimming world as well as meet results and other features. The best part about the site, however, is a section called “workout videos.” This section features 6 to 8 minute videos shot at practices from various elite level programs around the country. The videos show the swimmers training, but also feature explanation from the coaches regarding the training sets the swimmers are doing. It offers a lot of insight, and a glimpse into the training environment of world class athletes. Check it out, and see if you have what it takes to be the best!

Website Worth Checking Out
There’s a new swimming website out there that is worth checking out for anyone interested in the sport. is a weekly internet radio podcast / broadcast hosted by Nathan Jendrick (husband of Olympic medalist Megan Jendrick) and U. S. Olympian Scott Goldblatt. The duo cover a number of subjects from training to coaching philosophy or just discussions about swimming in general, and frequently have guests. The latest show featured an interview with Paul Yetter, the coach of world record holder Katie Hoff. The episodes of Deckpass range from 45 to 90 minutes long and can be downloaded for free into iTunes and other internet media players. If you’re interested, check out for your weekly dose of news from around the swimming world.

Action Accents
With so many new swimmers on the team this season, we want to make sure everyone gets outfitted in the team suit for our competitions. Part of being a team is looking like a team! To that end, please visit Action Accents online. Our custom team page is now password protected.

Team suits are available on our team page as well as practice suits and training equipment, and team caps are available from the coaching staff. If you’re looking for an additional good deal on practice suits, the website is offering the “Ugglies” practice suits (bright colors, floral prints) for $19.99 each.

For all of you swimming fans with iPods out there, the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) and United States Swimming (USAS) have both begun providing free podcasts, available from their respective websites that you can download into iTunes. On the ASCA site ( the link to subscribe is on the upper right portion of the page. On the USAS site ( the link is on the upper left. The subjects of these podcasts range from interviews with the USA’s brightest starts, to coaches discussing philosophy, goals and other topics. If you’re interested, check it out!

Create a My USA Swimming Page

All registered athletes have the opportunity to create their own personalized USA Swimming account. You will have access to all of your times from all of the meets you have swum, a season summary and your IMX scores.

Many folks have asked about collegiate recruiting rules, and for advice for their swimmers in making a collegiate choice.  The NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete is a good resource for rules and recommendations:

Another resource for parent education---a book on everything from the lifelong benefits of swimming to preparing for meets to letting the coaches coach:  The Parents’ Guide to Swimming by Alan Arata, Ph.D., can be found here: