Youth Programs

Youth Programs


Swim America Swim Lessons: East Lyme Aquatics offers swim lessons year round regardless of residency!  We have over 15 years of experience teaching the Swim America curriculum which is the fastest growing learn to swim program in the country!  The Swim America program was designed by the American Swimming Coaches Association in 1988.  All of the skills in each level are geared at teaching participants the correct technique the first time and introduce important skills designed to teach participants how to swim efficiently.  Our program consists of 8 levels that are based on the ability level of the participants.  Once a participant can complete the graduation requirements for each level, they are moved up to the next level to improve upon the techniques previously taught.  The Swim America program is unique for its progressions which aim at teaching front crawl and backstroke at an early age.

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Academic Year Offerings


Springboard Diving School: Diving boards are hard to come by in today’s society and very rarely are they available for public use.  That is why East Lyme Aquatics is proud to offer a Springboard Diving School where participants learn how to use the board correctly from where they start to how they control their bodies while leaving the board.  USA Diving coaches teach participants the proper approach, take off, forward dive, and backward dive procedure.  As participants get comfortable with skills, coaches encourage participants to try new skills that are thoroughly explained and taught through the use of progressions.

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Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons: Private lessons are available for those looking for a more individualized training plan.  Participants taking private lessons will go through the same skills and progressions taught in the group swim classes but it will be one-on-one feedback and participants will have the opportunity to fix mistakes as they occur and practice techniques correctly for longer periods of time.  Private Lesson Instructors are the best instructors the program has to offer.

There is a minimum commitment to 5 lessons when starting, and if interested in adding more classes after that you can do so individually.

Private Lessons: $30 per half hour, $150 5 lesson start up cost.

Semi-Private Lessons: $25 per participant per half hour, $125 per participant 5 lesson start up cost.

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Birthday Parties: East Lyme Aquatics offers birthday parties to children of all ages.  The party runs for 2 hours, with the first hour for food and presents and the last hour for swimming. You supply the items for your party (food, drinks, cake, utensils, decorations etc) and parental supervision at all times.  All non-swimmers must have an adult within arms reach while in the water. Life preservers for children will NOT be provided.  Please bring in a Coast Guard approved life jackets for your children.   Participants will be issued a swim test at the start of the pool portion of the party.

All parties must be booked one week in advance.  Come in or fill out our facility request form (Below) to inquire about a date.   Parties are scheduled on Saturdays  1-3 pm, 3-5 pm, or 5-7 pm or Sundays 1-3 pm or 3-5 pm.


Members $80.00 + $20 deposit

Non members $100.00 + $20 deposit

The $20.00 deposit is returned upon the end of the party rental as long as nothing is broken and the party room is found to be clean.  The above party cost covers 15 guests in the pool and if you plan on having more than that we need to know a week in advance.  Any extra pool participants will cost an additional $6 per guest.

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To inquire about a specific date for a party, please fill out our Facility Request Form