Location & Training Facilities


Patriot Aquatics enjoys the most ideal training situation in the state. Our program has utilizes the Lake Brantley Aquatic Center located on the Lake Brantley High School campus in Altamonte Springs.


The Lake Brantley Aquatic Center (LBAC) facility is 25 yards by 50 meters and has 2 stainless steal bulkheads as well as all of the competitive equipment necessary to train swimmers and host meets at all levels. Weight training takes place in Lake Brantley ’s new weight room adjacent to the pool as our dry land training is also right next door at the school’s stadium and track. The pool is heated to 82 degrees in the winter and cooled to 80 degrees in the summer. Not only does the Patriot Aquatics have the use of this facility but we also manage the entire operation of the aquatic center. Our team is totally computerized, using all of the Hytek swimming programs as well as the System 5 Colorado timing system.


For senior swimmers we offer more continuity of training than any other program. Our swimmers who attend Lake Brantley High School are coached by the same coach as they are for club swimming. This eliminates a number of conflicts that usually arise when these programs are different coaches. This is another reason why we encourage all of our swimmers to live in the Lake Brantley High school district. Lake Brantley has long been recognized as one of the top high schools both academically and athletically in the State of Florida .


Outstanding swimming programs, unbeatable facilities, and a great education makes for a fantastic situation for all of out athletes.