Short Course Session Fundraising Opportunities

Family Fundraisers
You will earn credit toward your family fundraising commitment for participating in these programs listed below.

1. Seroogy's Chocolate Bar Sale: Starts the end of September and runs for 30 days.  Sign up on website under events (team functions) to reserve a box of 48 bars.  All boxes will be mixed, unless otherwise requested.  There are 8 flavors: Pure Milk Chocolate, Pure Dark Chocolate, Mocha Meltaway, Chocolate Crisp, Chocolate Meltaway, Mint Meltaway, Peanut Butter Crisp, and Almond Meltaway. Each bar sells for $1.50 with $0.75 credit/profit toward your fundraising balance.  Please Contact Kim Hunt for further details.

2. Racine Kringle/ Cookie Dough Sale: Month of November, with delivery begining of December.  Kringle price = $8.00 with $2.75 profit/credit toward your fundraising.  Cookie Dough price $11.00 with $4.50 credit/profit toward your fundraising.  Contact Kim Hunt for further details.

*** Great Lakes Scrip.  Purchase gift cards from many of your favorite retailers and receive a percentage toward your fundraising requirement.  Payments Options:  By check, written to MFSC, or PrestoPay through the scrip website.  PrestoPay is a direct withdrawal from your bank account, and takes a few days to set-up.  PrestoPay allows you to reload gift cards and print gift certificates directly.  You do not need to wait for the coordinator to process the orders.  You may place reload and direct print orders at any time.  Orders are due the 2nd Friday of the month and usually delivered by the following Thursday.  Watch for emails regarding delivery times. Fundraising credit is tracked on the scrip website, and entered onto the TeamUnify website at the end of each month.

To register:

Access code:  Contact Leslie Olson via email at for the MFSC access code and make sure MFSC is listed as your preferred group.

Coordinator: Leslie Olson

***PicknSave / Sendiks store.   MFSC sells PicknSave gift cards in $50 & $100 denominations and Sendiks cards in $50 & $100 denominations.  The families receive a percentage of credit to their family's fundraising requirement.  PicknSave cards have a 4% rebate, Sendiks have 5% rebate.  Schedule sent out via email. See Leslie Olson for more information.

***Heat Sheet Ads.  The ad sizes are full page ($50), half page ($35), and quarter page ($20).  You receive a credit toward your fundraising requirement for each ad you purchase (or sell).  These ads are not limited to businesses.  Make your own ad to cheer on your swimmer!  There is a sheet that you will need to have filled out.   Click here for form.   


Club Fundraisers
Your participation will help the club earn money for needed items. However, you will not earn credit toward your family requirement for these fundraisers.

In the Works...
Please Contact Leslie Olson if you know of a Fundraiser that may be of interest to the club!