Team Prep

Team Prep                   

Welcome to Team Prep. This program is designed for children age 6 to 9-years old who are interested in developing their swimming skills but might not be quite ready for year-round swimming. Team Prep was inspired by summer league swimming, which has a defined beginning and end and serves as a wonderful introduction to swimming for young children.  The idea is to expose young children and their families to the thrilling world of competitive swimming with a club team without feeling as though the season never ends.  As children develop their skills and passion for swimming they will transition through the Team Prep groups and potentially onto our Competitive Team.  Those who decide not to make the move to the competitive team will leave with an improved skill-set, new friends, and an appreciation for the sport of swimming.

All Team Prep athletes will be registered with USA Swimming.  This means that their times will be reported to the USA Swimming SWIMS database.

Team Prep is a seasonal group, with a defined beginning and end in both the Fall/Winter season and in the Winter/Spring season.  Each season will include a series of Development Meets that will end with a Championship Meet.

Please click on the “Team Prep Groups” tab to learn more about our groups.  Check out the Team Prep Meet Schedule so you can plan your child’s season.



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