Swim Camps/Fall Swim/Clinics

"Confidence is the key to one's success.  When you start believing in yourself, you will achieve your goals! Each and every day you must dedicate yourself, swim with determination, have fun, and leave as a better athlete."

Please Be Safe under these unpredictable times.  We, at PVC, wish your family good health and strength.  Call a loved one or friend to say hi, support or ask if they need anything.  COVID-19 has become a life changing event and has effected so many athletes on the way. 

Below is a list of our 2020-21 Programs.  Please email me, Coach Brett, at [email protected] for any questions on programs below.  All training sessions for all programs will be held at Pleasanton Valley Club, 5014 Golden Road, Pleasanton, Ca.

PVC Spring Camp 2021 (updated 1/15/21): Spring Camp is scheduled to begin March 8th.  Camps consist of a stable camp groups of 14 swimmers.  Camp groups will train 3 times a week for 8 weeks.  Regristration is scheduled to begin February 8th.  Spots will be limited, so please turn in registration in immediately.  Final Spring Camp details will be released February 1st.  Stay Safe and always Cover Up!

PVC Winter Swim Camp 2021 (updated 12/16/20): Hope you are all well and safe thru this Holiday Season.  Over the course of 9 months a lot has changed in life and the sport of swimming.  Swim Practices has become safe, covid-free swim camps.  Winter Camp 2021 will consist of 12 to 14 stable swimmers for 8 weeks of training.  This will prepare our High School Swimmers for a modified High School Competition Season.   All other age group swimmers, it is a chance to fully place stroke technique #1 as a return to competition must happen.  It is important that we all obey CDC, State, and County guidelines as we each have added responsibility each time we leave our household.  At the beginning of Camps, swimmers will go thru a health screen, temperature check, Camp Rules, PVC Rules, and most important our safe practice/covid-free guidelines.  Attached is some of our Camp Guidelines  Winter Swim Camp 2021

PVC Winter Swim Camp IS FULL! See you in the Spring

Winter Camp runs January 11th thru March 5th  (High School Practice projected start date is March 8th)

Camp Length and Training:  Each swimmer will be assigned to one of our 8 Camps which will train 3 times a week for 8 weeks.  Training Sessions vary based on age.  Our High School Groups will train for 70 minutes.  Those of you whom trained in November will train with similar practice schedule in mind. 
PVC and myself will also host an 8 Week Spring Swim Camp March 8th thru April 30th.  Winter Camp Swimmers will receive priority registration for this Camp.

Swimming into 2021 (updated 11/2/20):  Many of you have reached out to ask my opinion of what swimming will look like in 2021 "Winter, Spring, and Summer."  I do see 2021 starting out in a Camp-Like Structure as this virus is not all of a sudden going away.  Swim Camps will start back up as Winter Swim Camps January 11th and February 5th.  Spring Stroke and Turn Swim Camp will begin March 8th,  As for competition, my hopes are swimmers and athletes will return to competition sooner than later in 2021.  Athletes need it, they thrive for it, and the victory of success is hard to achieve without it.  High Schools in our area will soon decide if sports will begin in December which would be a huge bridge to Return to Competition for youth sports.  VSL and Tri-Valley Summer Swim Leagues still have time on their side.  I imagine both leagues and many, many teams, coaches, and directors will work hard to get our swimmers back in the water for summer 2021.  Lots of info still to come on Swim Programs in 2021.


FALL SWIM CAMP UPDATE (8/12/20): Myself and the coaching staff would like to wish you a great first week of your 2020-2021 School Year.  If you ever need a pep talk from any of our coaches, we are only a click away, please reach out.  September Camp Registration will begin Wednesday, August 12th for current August Campers.  Forms and Waivers will be emailed out.  Current Camp Members must commit by Wednesday, August 19th.  Cost is $200 for August Camp Members and $250 for All New September Campers.  Spots that become available will be offered per waiting list request and sibling swimmers from August Camp.  Camp begins the Week of September 1st, with no camp practice held on Friday, September 4th and Monday, September 7th due to Holiday Weekend.  All camp groups will have 12 training sessions which includes Time Trials the Week of September 28th.


FALL SWIM CAMP UPDATE (7/24/20): Pre-Covid-19, we would of all been celebrating another great summer performance last Saturday by all swimmers in our area. However physical distancing, face covering, and maintaining a safe social bubble is the current norm.  Over the last few months, I was able to get the PVC Dolphins and other swimmers in the area back in the water under safe swimming guidelines.  Dolphin Camps became the new norm.  6 lanes of 12 stable swimmers each month with staggered starts to ensure each Dolphin Camp group was not exposing their safe camp bubble with other camp groups.  It was a change that myself, my coaches, and swimmers embraced as we all learned together.  We now have camp boxes for each swimmer, disinfecting station, daily temp checks/well checks, safe social distance send-offs, no breather zone in the middle of the pool as all swimmers are #1's, and cones placed around the pool to maintain physical distancing.  As for Fall Swim 2020...It will become much of the same as what our summer camps look like.  I will hold Fall Swim Camps monthly at PVC thru November.  The difficult news that we all must accept is a 100+ member Fall Camp will not happen. Spots will be limited! Swimmers will be placed in correct age groups to encourage socialization with their peers as they need this the most.  September Camp registration will begin August 15th for new camp members.  October Camp and November Camp Registration will follow suit.  If your family would like to be placed on a waiting list for future camps, please respond to this email with the age of your swimmers.  Cost of Swim Camps will be $250 a month with a $50 discount for all swimmers whom participated in the previous month camp.  Practices will be 12 swimmers 3 days a week with 2 coaches daily.  Swimmers will receive an unbelievable amount of attention and stroke correction. 

FALL SWIM UPDATE (6/25/20):  The sport of swimming has changed over the last few months due to COVID-19, social distancing, and strict safety guidelines.  Swim Teams have become Swim Camps with well checks for each swimmer, and the max number of swimmers of 12 stable swimmers for 4 weeks.  I was diligent and determined to get as many swimmers back in the water this summer.  I did succeed beginning of June, however, spaces were limited.  When I say limited, only to our summer PVC Dolphins thru July.  I will say with much joy camp atmosphere has been a game changer in the sport of swimming, mentally and physically.  First off, all swimmers are equal, everyone is a #1...this has brought an abundance of confidence to all campers.  Secondly, when swimmers are asked to perfect technique, drills, and refine stroke...they are no longer looking back to see if another swimmer will catch them and take over their spot.  100% focus is on their technique!  Each swimmer now has a training buddy whom also is their lane mate for those 4 weeks, new bonds and friendships build stronger each day as we use training buddy for competition and as a teammate when we race other lanes/other buddies.  With all of this I do expect the camp atmosphere to continue thru the end of 2020.  I don't see practices of 25 or 30 swimmers for quite some time.  I am hard at work creating what Fall Swim Camps will look like in August, September, October, and possibly November.  Spaces will be limited so please feel free to email me now your interest level at [email protected]  Stay Safe and please tell your family Coach Brett misses each of them!

Fall Swim 2020 will consist of Monthly Swim Camps.  Please be on the look out for more information.  This year swimmers will be placed in groups based on ACHD Safety Guidleines, skill level, age, and where the coaching staff feels they will excel.  Due to the size of the camp groups, 12 stable swimmers per group, spots will be limited.  We will also hold registration monthly this year, August 12th thru 20th "September Camp," September 12th thru 20th "October Camp," and October 12th thru 20th "November Camp."

As of right now Fall Swim 2020 will train based on Safety, Stable Groups of 12, and Camp guidelines...September 2nd, 2020 thru November 25th, 2020.

Fall Swim Team Introduction Letter/Overview of our Program

Winter Swim Conditioning Clinic: Also known as our High School Pre-Season Clinic 2021.  If you have not heard, High School Swim start date has been moved back to March 8th, 2021 due to Covid-19 and safety concerns.  We are still working on all details as clinic will be ran like a 2 month Winter/High School Swim Camp.  Clinic will run January 11th thru March 5th, 8 weeks of training this year!  Training Sessions are 60 to 70 minutes 3 days a week.  All training sessions are held at PVC Pool.  Clinic's focus is to get our swimmers a jump on their competition and stroke technique in 2021!

Winter Clinic 2021 Registration will begin in December 16th, 2020. 

My mission is to provide the youth of our community the knowledge to succeed in and out of the water and to promote the sport of swimming in our area.  Athletes will be given the opportunity to pursue all their goals in all our programs and are capable of many achievements.  I pride myself on the swim techniques taught in my program, which will translate into a more stroke efficient, faster swimmer.  Beyond mastering skills and achieving physical fitness, my swimmers will gain confidence, sportsmanship, discipline, commitment, and an understanding that success results from hard work and goal setting.  Swimmers will learn that you get what you work for, not what you wish for.  

Swim Fast, Go Dolphins!

All Heart, No Pain!!!

Coach Brett