Swim Families

Parents, Guardians, and extended family can be an important part of swimmer success; so we want our Swim Families to be well-informed and confident with our team.

Swimming can sometimes seem to haves it's own language, complete with acronyms that would impress a NASA engineer.

The links, videos, and articles on the sub-tab for this page will get you well on your way to earning your Swim Taxi status! Just hover your mouse over the tab Parents and the sub-tabs display.

This page is for Swim Families, both new and experienced in swimming. As we find new and interesting resources for our Swim Families, we will post them here.

We have a Parents Meeting at the beginning of each season and will have a Newcomers Meeting this Fall.

GIST has a great group of parents and we hope to increase Parent Participation through volunteering. 


***For safety reasons, please understand the coaches have limited time to interact with Swim Parents during practice. Swimmers in the pool are their #1 priority. Please limit interactions to before or after practices. Board members can assist with administrative questions. ***


Coaches strongly discourage parents from communicating with swimmers DURING practice. Please wait until after practice is done to communicate something to your swimmer.