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Family Testimonials

The STAR Coaches take a lot of pride fostering a great program for every swimmer and family. We are thrilled to share some of these testimonials. Please enjoy!

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Switching to STAR was the best thing we ever did for our son. He is a social child in an individual sport. This club provides a nurturing environment for kids to mentor and learn from each other. The kids have fun together and the club also provides opportunities for the families and parents to have fun together. The coaches are phenomenal and each one has something different to offer these swimmers. The only regret we have is not coming to this club sooner.

Joel and Dara Pickard (Parents of Red Swimmer) - July 7, 2017

Our daughters (age 9 and 11) spent time with other area swim clubs, but when we joined STAR we learned what we were missing:

  • Individual feedback from STAR coaches during practice that goes far beyond  what we saw with other teams and has greatly improved their swim technique
  • A strong team atmosphere (you can’t miss it at the meets!) that greatly enhances the fun that we all have
  • Excellent communication from the coaches to the swimmers and families
  • Opportunities for swimmers and parents to socialize outside the pool

It all adds up to our whole family loving STAR!

Emilie Tothero (Parent of 2 Blue swimmers)- July 9, 2017

We enrolled our daughter, Anna, in Star Swimming two years ago when she was in 5th grade. We were looking to encourage her participation in team sports while at the same time reinforcing her discipline and a healthy competitiveness. We also wanted it to be a fun and enjoyable experience, and wanted to make sure that school would always come first, so there had to be some flexibility.

Needless to say, Star has far exceeded our expectations. At the end of 4th grade, despite years of dancing and looking like she was in great shape, Anna finished last in her class in the mile run. At the end of 5th grade, after a year of Star, she finished first. The outstanding coaches at Star not only work on individual technique, they push the swimmers to be better and stronger, and manage to keep it fun and competitive for all of the swimmers, not just the fastest ones. Everyone is part of the team, and they always cheer each other on. The coaches are tough and demanding, the swimmers work extremely hard, and it is great to watch them pull for each other as they grow and improve.  The entire Star organization fosters a tremendous family atmosphere, from car pooling, to the parent socials and the year end banquet, to my wife even becoming a swimming official! Star swimming has been great for our family, and our daughter is not only a far better swimmer than she was before, but she is a stronger, tougher and more disciplined young girl.

John and Martha Maloney (Parents of a Blue Swimmer) - July 10, 2017

Three years ago our family decided to join STAR swimming. Our four kids were swimming for another local swim club but my daughter decided that she wanted to pursue swimming at the college level. As a family we felt STAR swimming would give her the best opportunity to reach her goal. The challenging and fun atmosphere, along with a facility that offers long course training allowed her to excel at the sport she loved. Our three boys also enjoyed their new teammates and continue to grow with the sport. Furthermore, the move was easier on our family schedule.  All four of our swimmers were able to swim at the same facility at the same time, saving us a lot of chasing around. The ECC workout facility is also a bonus as we can exercise during the kids’ practice .

Randy and Kristin Matteson (Parents of 3 Senior and 1 Blue Swimmer)- July 12, 2017

STAR Swimming is a well oiled machine in Buffalo area aquatics.  It is the family involvement that make STAR swimming a cut above the rest.  The club organizes many activities for the swimmers inside and outside of the pool that help foster team building and develop lifelong friendships.  For parents, you are able to be as involved as you want to be.  From timing meets to officiating to managing a variety of needs, families are able to socialize together and build relationships as a team.   

Everything about STAR promotes excellence and confidence.  Swimmers are supported by coaches who develop practices to suit every child's needs and goals.  The club fosters a love for the sport in the younger swimmers and provides a balance of healthy competition and hard work in the Senior Prep and Senior squads.  Being able to practice at such a world class facility in short course and long course season is also an added bonus.   Communication is key to the club and if you ever have a question, there are plenty of friendly faces you can ask.  We have loved our experience with STAR!

David and Megan Leighton (Parents of 1 Senior and 1 SR Prep swimmer) - July 13, 2017

When my boys decided that competitive swimming was something they wanted to do at a high level, my wife and I began searching for a 
​local ​
swim program that could help them reach their swimming goals.  We looked at all the local programs and chose STAR Swimming for three main reasons:

1. Quality of the coaching staff
2. Facilities which supported long course and short course training seasons
3. Size and maturity of their senior level program

After a year in the Star Program my boys have settled into a great training and competition routine that is raising their swimming skills to levels beyond our original expectations.  Both boys have qualified for Championships, Zones, Speedo's and for my oldest son - 
​r. Nationals.  

If competitive swimming is your child's passion and you want to find a place where great coaching, world class facilities, and peer training is the "normal" day at the pool - Star is the swim program for you!
​Warm regards,

​Michael and Elizabeth Clough (Parents of 2 Senior swimmers) - July 15, 2017

We believe STAR swimming is the #1 swim club in western New York. They have magnificent coaches that are fantastic at helping our swimmers reach their full potential while having fun. Our 10 year old daughter will be starting her 5th year of swimming. Our son just finished his first year swimming competitively for STAR. We have been more than happy each year watching our children grow as swimmers and build friendships that will last a lifetime. STAR swimming is like a family with fun activities in and out of the water.

These are our top 5 reasons why we love STAR Swimming:

5. The coaches are dedicated to helping all the swimmers learn techniques, become faster, and learn good sportsmanship skills. Our STAR swimmers have learned to be competitive while having fun and beating their own best times.
4.  STAR provides opportunities for reduced tuition by volunteering at swim meets.
3.  STAR Swimming organizes many events outside of swimming (i.e., Darien lake, picnics, bowling, movies) to help build a strong and happy team.
2.  A variety of swim practice times and locations are convenient for our busy schedules. Many STAR parents help each other out with carpools to/from practice and swim meets.
1. Our kids are making lifelong friends while having fun with our swim family.

Amy and Mike Reukauf (Parents of 2 Red swimmers) - July 17, 2017

Our names are Matt and Shana and we are the proud parents of Joshua. Josh has been with STAR since 2009 and is currently on the Senior Prep team. Neither one of us could tell you Joshua's best time in any event or what the cut off is to make championships. However, we do know how disciplined, motivated and mature Josh is with the help of the STAR program. We also know who most of his close friends are as they also participate in STAR and share those same characteristics. The annual STAR banquet showcases the club's graduating Seniors. Though most are very fast swimmers, more importantly they are very impressive young men and women whose accomplishments and aspirations are in line with our family's goals for our own children.

Matt and Shana Stegner (Parent of 1 Senior Prep swimmer) - July 17, 2017

Our 3 sons have been part of STAR for 3 years now, beginning with the Red Team and now our youngest will be joining his brothers on the Blue Team.  We couldn't be happier with the coaching the kids receive.  All of the coaches are friendly, enthusiastic, and excited to teach proper technique while training the kids to be stronger swimmers.  Our kids feel challenged while building confidence as they become more and more successful.  The coaches help build a strong sense of team, which we feel is very important.  We look forward to many more years with our STAR family!" 

Chris & Karen Coen (Parents of 2 Blue and 1 Red Swimmer) July 18, 2017

STAR has been an influential and rewarding part of our daughters swimming careers. The coaches have not only guided the girls towards improvement but did so with kindness and humor. In a world with winning set as a priority for young athletes, it is nice when the only thing Rick says after a bad swim is, “Not your best, but let’s focus on your next event”. The success of so many STAR swimmers is due to the expertise and commitment of the coaches.

The STAR community is filled with families willing to commit countless hours towards the betterment of the team. They go beyond their committed hours because they want the best not only for their child, but for others as well. This sort of commitment is unparalleled in any other competitive team.

We are very happy to be part of STAR. The coaches not only prepared the girls to be successful college swimmers but also helped them in developing leadership skills that have helped them outside of the pool. As Victoria enters her last year of college swimming and Alex continues with her second, we are proud to still be a part of the STAR family.

Bryan and Susan Butler (Parents of 2 Senior Swimmers) July 20, 2017

STAR Swimming has been a wonderful choice for our family. With swimmers at every level from Tadpoles to Senior Team, we appreciate the fact that everyone practices at the same time and at the same location. But even more important is the overall experience that each of our children has had being a part of STAR. Although they have participated in many different sports, in no other athletic endeavor have I observed what I see at every swim meet: smiles on their faces and on their teammates’ faces, regardless of their performance. STAR swimmers, from the Olympic Trial qualifiers down to the newest swimmers competing in their first meet, train hard to achieve their goals, but in the end, it all comes down to participating in a sport they truly love and having fun while doing it.

Chad and Lorraine Strittmatter (Parents of 6 swimmers at every level) July 26, 2017