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LSC Age Group Select Camp

Update 05.07.2021

This years select camp will be a one day clinic. The day will be broken into Girls and Boys. This year the camp will be at GAC,

The LSC Age Group Select Camp is held over Memorial Day weekend every year. The goal of the camp is to bring together some of the best 14 & Under swimmers in the state for a weekend of training and providing growth opportunities for both athletes and staff beyond those available in a typical club setting.

Camp Overview: Swimmers are expected to arrive on Friday morning, no later than early afternoon and leave early afternoon on Sunday. There are 4 in-water training sessions (Friday late afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon, Sunday morning). Additional out-of-water sessions on goal-setting, nutrition, psychology of success, etc. will be also scheduled to complement the camp. Swimmers are housed together for the duration of the camp (Friday and Saturday night).

Selection: The camp is comprised of 60 swimmers (30 boys and 30 girls). Swimmers will be selected based on their LCM performance from the previous season (i.e. selection for the 2021 camp will be based on performances during the 2019 LCM season). Swimmers must be 13-years-old at the time of performance. The selection criteria is as follows:

  • Top 16 (boys and girls) IMX scores for 13-year-olds will be invited to the camp.
  • After excluding the swimmers selected based on the criteria above, the swimmers who post the top time for each event (50, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 Free; 100 and 200 Back; 100 and 200 Breast; 100 and 200 Fly; 200 and 400 IM) will be invited to the camp.
    • If one swimmer has the top time for more than one event, the swimmer(s) with the highest PowerPoint (PP) score among the next place will be invited. For example: swimmer A has the top time for both 200 and 400 Free, swimmer B has the next fastest time for 200 Free with 850 PP, while swimmer C has next fastest time for 400 Free with 845 PP. Swimmers A and B will be invited for the camp.
  • Home coaches will be contacted when their swimmers are selected for the camp. Each coach will have the opportunity to decline to send their swimmers. After the coaches have been notified, each swimmer's family will be notified. If a coach or swimmer turns down the invitation, the next swimmer who would have qualified based on the same criteria/event will be invited. For example: If a swimmer selected based on IMX Scores chooses to turn down the invitation, the next best IMX Score will be invited. If a swimmer selected based on his/her time for the 400 IM turns down the invitation, the swimmer with the next fastest time for the 400 IM will be invited.
  • This process will be repeated as many times as needed until all 60 slots of the camp.
  • The initial selection and communication with coaches and athletes will take place around February-March. The final list of attendees will be published after registration closes.
    • A swimmer must still be a member of Georgia Swimming at the time the list of attendees is finalized. Swimmers who move outside the LSC or who are no longer members of USA Swimming prior to the final list being published will be replaced based on the criteria above.

IF you have any questions, please contact the Age Group Chair at [email protected]

Those swimmers attending the Select Camp this year are:


Abigail Shields SA Alex Brann DYNA
Allie Kasik SA Alex Wa DYNA
Amelia Jones SPAC Alexander Wiegand CPAC
Ashley Morton SA Bennett Baer TWS
Ava Grace Sestan SA Blake Burnley SA
Brooke Murphy SA Caden Cahill SMAC
Cameron James DYNA Caleb Paek DYNA
Caroline Gaines DYNA Cole Withrow CCAC
Caroline Langford DYNA Connor Nixon DYNA
Caroline Scharff SA Cooper McDonald DYNA
Charlotte Tully GOLD Daniel Bao SPAC
Daphne Petrie DYNA Daniel Gonzalez DYNA
Delainey Yarbrough GOLD Daniel Schwabauer GCAT
Ella Jones DYNA Derek Henry GOLD
Ella Nelson GCAT Eamon Monaghan LA
Ellie Maley DYNA Eli Bates ABSC
Elyssa Maust GCAT Elliot Elmore GOLD
Emma Beth Morris GA Ethan Liu SA
Emma Reiser SA Ford Johnson GOLD
Evangelina Marroquin SA Harper Johnson GOLD
Gaby VanBrunt GCAT Hudson Burch ASL
Gigi Varrone DYNA Hudson Evans GOLD
Greta Tell MAAC Jake Stout SA
Hannah-Claire Jowers GA Jason Danforth GOLD
Hattie Wasmuth DYNA Jeffery Xu GA
Holly Mattson HURR Joel Strauss SA
Irene Achanti DYNA John Panessa RAYS
Isabella Klinefelter TWS Joshua Mattison GCAT
Ivy Zhuo DYNA Justin Knauf ACE
Jamie Walsh SA Kadin Dibkey GCAT
Jayla Dao LA Keegan Privett SA
Jayla Thompson HLHK Kyle Davis LA
Jessica Davis SA Kyle Heffner SA
Jessica Harper RAYS Landon Slater SA
Kaitlyn Eichinger SA Liam Long DYNA
Kate Kerber SA Logan Calhoun DYNA
Katie Christopherson USAC Lucas Johnson GA
Kaylin Lila CAD Matthew Scalzi SPAC
Lauren Willis GOLD Max Inlow GA
Lea Degrazia SA Nathan Kim DYNA
Lila Lillie SA Nathan Rariden RAYS
Lily Alderman GOLD Nathan Sayer GOLD
Mackenzie Garrett SA Noah Mallory DYNA
Madison Lauria SA Noah Saylor SA
  SA Noah Smith TWS
Maela McKallip SMAC Nolan Mackay DYNA
Maja Brooker GOLD Nolan Patterson GA
Maria Fitzsimmons SA Ocean Gorecki SA
Morgan Jenny SA Race Oliver SA
Nora Ratmeyer TARA Sam Bilyashevych SA
Piper Slorahn GOLD Sydney Starnes SA
Rachel Warta GOLD Tiffany Chau SA
Reese Benton DYNA Victoria Kjaerulff SA
Renee Zhu SA William Guichard SA
Sadie Clayton SA William Iglar GOLD
Sarah Luskus SA Zachariah Hickey WRA
Stella Newton ACE    
Sydney Starnes SA    
Tiffany Chau SA    
Victoria Kjaerulff SA  

 Saturday, May 29th-GIRLS
7:00am- Coaches meet at Greater Atlanta Christian Pool 8:00am- Swimmer check in
8:30am- Team meeting and introduce staff 8:50-10:50am- First Practice
11:00am- Lunch
12:00pm- Education with Coach Abbie 1:30pm- Tie Dye Palooza 2:30pm-4:30pm- Second Practice 4:30pm- Wrap up
5:00pm- Dismissal

Sunday, May 30th- BOYS
11:30am- Coaches meet at Greater Atlanta Christian Pool 12:00pm- Swimmer check in
12:30pm- Team meeting and introduce staff
1:00pm- Lunch
2:00pm-4:00pm- practice
4:15pm- Education with Coach Abbie 5:00- Tie Dye Palooza 5:30pm-7:30pm- Second Practice 7:30pm- Wrap up
8:00pm- Dismissal
2021 Select Camp Itinerary