The SwimGSA family Consists of swimmers, coaches, and parents. Our coaches involve parents in every aspect of their child's development. We strive to coach the "whole child" which takes teamwork between families and coaches!

Some advice for parents from the website: (the full article can be found in the list under "articles and resources)

1) Be your child’s biggest fan, no matter what. Be positive and supportive, and help them feel better about themselves, especially after a poor swim.

2) Don’t coach.

3) Do NOT disrupt the practice.

4) Get involved! Find a volunteer position you feel comfortable with, and help out!

5) You are probably driving your kids to practices and meets. So please be on time. In fact, please be 10 minutes early.

6) Pay attention to your team’s rules on entering and scratching from meets.

One last suggestion.

Every parent should read this incredible article by Steve Henson in The Post Game, “What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent — And What Makes a Great One.” An informal survey of hundreds of college athletes over 3 decades was conducted by two coaches (Bruce E Brown and Rob Miller of Proactive Coaching LLC), with two brilliant conclusions coming out.

Their advice: don’t talk about their performance unless they raise the topic. 

The statement made by parents that made the swimmer feel the best about themselves and their sport. Just 6 words.

“I love to watch you play.”

That’s it. A completely non-judgmental statement that gives complete support and makes them feel good about themselves.