Puma Partners
Practice Schedule

2020 Practice Schedule (by location)

San Luis Obispo (Kennedy Club):

  • Puma Cubs: Tu/Th/Fr 3:45-4:15pm
  • Bronze:     M-F 3:45-4:30pm
  • Silver:       M-F 3:45-4:45pm
  • Gold:         M-F 4:15-5:45pm        Sat: 10:30-12:00pm
  • Platinum:  M-F 4:15-6:15pm        Sat: 10:30-12:30pm
  • Junior:      M-F 4:15-6:30pm        Sat: 10:30-12:30pm    Mornings: Tu/Th 5:30-6:45 am
  • Senior:      M-F 4:15-6:30pm        Sat: 10:30-12:30pm    Mornings: Tu/Th 5:30-6:45 am  
  • SWIM ASSESSMENTS (by appointment only on Tuesdays [Tuesday assessments not available until after March 10, 2020] & Thurdays @ 3:30pm):

Avila Bay Club: 

Our Avila Bay Club site is currently at full capacity. If you are dropping in from another site, please contact Coach Mitch at 805-595-7600 x111 prior to coming to make sure there is room for your child.

  • Puma Cubs: M, W, & F 3:30-4:00pm
  • Bronze:        M, W, & F 3:30-4:15pm
  • Silver:          M, W, & F 4:00-5:15pm
  • Gold:            M, W, & F 4:00-5:30pm
  • Platinum through Senior Groups are not currently offered in Avila
  • We currently are not doing any swim assessments at Avila Bay Club.  Please contact Coach Mitch with questions @ 805-595-7600 x111

South County Nipomo HS (M-F) & Arroyo Grande HS (Sat.):

  • Puma Cubs: Tu/Th/F 5:30-6:00pm  Sat: by appointment
  • Bronze:    M-F 5:30-6:30pm             Sat: 8-9:00am
  • Silver:      M-F 5:30-6:45pm             Sat: 8-9:15am
  • Gold:        M-F 5:30-7:00pm             Sat: 8-9:30am
  • Platinum: M-F 5:30-7:15pm             Sat: 8-9:45am
  • Junior:     M-F 5:30-7:30pm             Sat: 8-10:00am  Mornings det. by Coach Rich
  • Senior:     M-F 5:30-7:30pm             Sat: 8-10:00am  Mornings det. by Coach Rich
  • SWIM ASSESSMENTS (by appt. only): CONTACT COACH RICH @ 805-704-1807

Atascadero (Kennedy Club):

  • Puma Cubs: M/W/F 3:30-4:00pm
  • Bronze:        M-F 3:30-4:15pm
  • Silver:          M-F 3:30-4:30pm
  • Gold:            M-F 4:00-5:30 pm     
  • Platinum:     M-F 4:00-6:00pm     Sat: 9:30-11:00
  • Pre-Junior:  M-F 4:00-6:00pm     Sat: 9:30-11:15
  • Jr/Senior:    M-F 4:00-6:15pm     Sat:  9:30-11:30
  • SWIM ASSESSMENTS (by appointment only, please contact Coach Karen 

For add. info. like Holiday & program time changes see the calendar!