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Interested in becoming a Murrieta Mako???

We offer a 3 day FREE trial!

Here is how to proceed with your trial period…

Step 1: 
Review the information below that outlines the associated upfront and monthly costs of club swimming.  Review the calendar by clicking on the calendar tab at the right of the home page picture slide show. Swim times and location are subject to change.

Step 2:

Contact to schedule a tryout. When you come to your try out you will be given a registration packet with step by step instructions on how to register after you complete the try out period.

Step 3:

Click the link below to print out the " 2020 Year Round Athlete Form" . Fill our form as best you can and bring to your tryout with a valid birth certificate and a check or money order made out to "SCS" for $70

Step 4:

Arrive at Vista Murrieta High School about 10 minutes prior to tryout appointment time. The tryout process may take 15-20 minutes depending on the number of swimmers trying out that evening. When the tryout begins, the coach will walk over to the bleachers and ask if anyone is here for a tryout. Parent volunteers will also likely be on deck to answer any questions you have about our team. Your child does not need to be a competitive swimmers to join the team. He/she will become a competitive swimmer in a group environment among swimmers of similar capabilities. Please bring your check book in order to pay the family registration fee, monthly dues and SCS insurance fee to be held during your trial period. 

Requirements for group placement with the Murrieta Makos Swim Team program :

  • your child must be 5 years of age or older
  • your child must be able to take verbal directions from the coach
  • your child must be able to swim (stroke technique not required) the length of the pool (25 yards)

Please bring the following with you to the tryout:

  • One piece swim suit/trunks/jammers
  • goggles and cap
  • original birth certificate
  • towel


Murrieta Makos Philosophy: The focus of Murrieta Mako’s Swim Team is our swimmers and competitive swimming. Murrieta Mako’s is a non-profit (IRS 5O1-C-3 classification) organization dedicated to the instruction and training in the skills of swimming. Although competitive swimming represents a major commitment of time and energy, on the part of both the participant and his or her family, we feel that there are many rewards, including health promotion, the joy of winning, the strength in losing, social contacts and the excitement of competition and travel. In addition, the values of personal integrity and commitment, as well as achievement through dedicated work and goal setting are highlighted. We hope that such activities will be both enjoyable and educational and will leave a legacy that will benefit your child for a lifetime. For swimming is a lifelong sport. Although many Murrieta Mako’s swimmers possess the goal that they become proficient enough to represent the United States in National and International competitions, the Club strives to recognize the needs of all participants in such a way that everyone involved may fully realize their greatest potential as a swimmer. Communications Our Website, is available to all members of the club and general public. The website lists the names of the Coaching Staff and Board of Directors, lists accomplishments of our swimmers, contains information about upcoming meets and events, reviews important business matters pertinent to the Club, and frequently has newsworthy items from the coaches and board members. The website is our hub for team communications. You may email the coaches (see Coaches page), billing department ( ) and all other questions directly from the website.

Start-up Fees

1)      Murrieta Mako’s Family Registration Fee

2)      USA Swimming Registration Fee-

3)      Monthly Dues


Murrieta Mako’s Family Registration Fee

All Murrieta Mako’s Swimmers must pay an administrative fee of $100 , yearly in September or if they re-join the team after more than a 30 day LOA. This must be paid, again,  prior to the swimmer entering the water, and this fee is non-refundable nor prorated for leave of absence periods.


September - December

$100 per Family 

January- April

$75 per Family 


$50 per Family 













$120/ month


45 minutes


5 years old to 12 years old










1 hour


5 years old to 15 years old








1.5 hour


7 years old to 12 years old









1.45   hours



AT LEAST 10  years old 


















2-3  hours + DRYLAND



13-19 YRS OLD



*** Group placement and duration of swim time is at the discretion of the Head Coach and is subject to change at any time.


Family cap fee of $225.00 per family. Prorated monthly dues will not be prorated if you start in the middle of the month, if you will be on a family cap.  For more info please inquire.


USA Swimming Registration Fee

The annual fee is $70 and is paid directly to USA Swimming, which is the governing body of amateur swimmer. This is a mandatory fee, and covers both administrative and insurance costs. Athletes who are approved for the Federal School Lunch Program qualify for a registration fee of $7 through the USA Swimming Outreach Program. This is a non refundable fee that is sent directly to Southern California Swimming. 

Payment Options

All fees and payments must be made via cash, Venmo, check or money order . Monthly dues are billed in advance on the first day of the month and are considered late if not received by the 5th day that month. A swimmer whose fees are late will not be permitted in the water until payment is received and a late charge of $25.00 will be assessed to the account.  A $25.00 handling fee will be assessed for each check returned unpaid by the issuer's bank.

Leaving Team: In the event a swimmer decides to leave the team, the team MUST be notified in writing (email the Head Coach, Treasurer and Secretary) 30 days prior.

New Registration:  Dues will be pro-rated 50% if joining after the 15th of the month.  Before the 15th, full monthly dues apply. Prorated monthly dues will not be prorated if you start in the middle of the month, if you will be on a family cap.

Yearly 2 -week break, Vacations and High School Swimming

Murrieta Mako’s Swim Team takes a 1 week break between Christmas and New Years and a 2 -week break the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August to allow the body to rest from year-round training and provide our athletes down time to spend with family and friends and get back into the groove of school starting. Planning vacations during the training year is best done 4 weeks prior to any big club meets (see for yearly meet schedule and our website). Please talk to your swimmer’s coach to discuss training periods.

High School swimmers are encouraged by club and High School coaches to continue to train with their club teams. With CIF becoming very competitive in our areas, your swimmer is best set up for success in High School swimming and future College swimming by training with their club year-round. It is not advisable to take any sort of LOA during the high school season. During the High School season, your swimmer may continue to participate in all club meets as “unattached” during the High School Season. A discounted rate during the High School season is not available as the club will still maintain business as usual.



In order to help with operating costs of the team, each swimmer is required to raise $150.00 at our big fundraising event, from September to August, every year. you will be notified by email of our big fundraising event that will take place between September and  August.  The team will provide many opportunities to raise other funds as well at smaller events through out the year. 

Meet Entry and Fees

Swimmers may be entered in swim meets by parent or coaches. A separate fee is billed to your account monthly. Fees are usually $3.25 per event and a $10.00 registration fee that assessed by Southern California Swimming.  Payment of the meet fees will be made on a per meet basis and added to you monthly invoice. Transaction will be processed on the 1st of the following month along with your tuition dues. For some meets, the swimmer will be allowed to choose his/her events, for others your coach may make the decision. In either case, you must commit/decline for each swim meet on Murrieta Mako's website. Assistance is available for those uncertain of the process. If you do not intend to swim a particular meet but fail to decline participation, you may be entered by your coach, and charged a non-refundable meet entry fee. It is responsibility of the parents and swimmers to ensure that all meet commitments and entries are correct.

Swim Meet Relay Fees

Swim meet relays are a privilege and athletes are representing the team and should do so proudly with good sportsmanship. The team incurs a fee from Southern California Swimming of $10-$20 per relay. Murrieta Mako’s will pay for ½ of your swimmer’s entry for each relay. You will be billed monthly on your invoice at the time the meet fees are billed. If you wish that your swimmer not be but into a relay, please speak to the Head Coach.

Home swim meet fund

Each Family is billed $25 the 1st day of the month of a home swim meet. This fee goes to help pay for our home meet and all fees incurred to do so.


Murrieta Mako’s Swim Team Commitment Hours Policy (effective September 2017)

A. General: Every family is required to commitment to a minimum of 20 hours each Effective Year, September 1- August 31. If a member joins on/after October 1st, the commitment requirement will be pro-rated to (2) hours each month. (Example: If a member starts in October, their annual requirement for that year would be 16 hours, November: 14 hours, etc.) 

B. Background and Purpose: To ensure Murrieta Mako’s remains a premier, member- involved swim organization. Operating a best-in-class swim team requires everyone to help.

C. Commitment hours

Any Murrieta Mako’s -hosted Swim Meets: Each Murrieta Mako’s family is required to work one "session" per day of the meet, which usually lasts approximately 4 hours/session.  Anyone who has conflicts in working our meets needs to see the Meet Manager before the meet. There may be other options available, such as providing assistance running errands or making deliveries prior to, or after the swim meet, in the event you have a conflict.  If you don't have a swimmer in the meet or have a high school swimmer on hiatus, it is STILL required that you work the meet.  In addition, if you have already met your required 20 commitment hours for the year, you are STILL required to work sessions per the above.


Timing at Away Meets:  It is a requirement that all families time a minimum of one slot for each session their swimmer is at the meet. (ie: if you have a swimmer in the morning and afternoon session, you are required to fill a session in both).  These sessions are typically 1 hour or so depending on the number of timing chairs we are assigned for the meet. This obligation applies to all parents with swimmers entered in the meet. Failure to fulfill this obligation, either by failing to sign-up or by missing an assigned slot, will result in a $25 fine, which will increase by $25 for each violation to a maximum of $100. Once this ceiling is reached, swimmers will no longer be allowed to enter meets until timing responsibilities are honored, and amounts in arrears are bought current. If the Meet Manager deems it necessary to cover a missed obligation with a paid substitute, that cost will also be passed to the appropriate families.



Murrieta Mako’s-Hosted Meets: It is the members’ responsibility to sign in at the "Commitment Table" at the beginning of each session. Your time will be recorded and credit issued for your work.  Members are responsible for working 1 session per day of each home meet.  if you do not work your account will be billed 20.00 per hour for unworked meet sessions, the next fiscal month following the home meet.


D.  How to fulfill your  required Commitment hours:   

    Opportunities: Ways you can fulfill your commitment hours include the following:

  • Work a minimum of 1 timing slot at every away meet session your child is swimming in
  • Work a minimum of 2 sessions at every home meet
  • Assist coaches with lane lines/pool covers before/after practice
  • Be a committee member. i.e. Banquet, Recycling program, Fundraising, etc.
  • Help Pro Shop. i.e. file announcements/ fliers/ medals in swimmer’s folder on deck or shop for snacks
  • Transport team tarps to away meets
  • Help with set up and tear down at away meets.
  • Help coaches time swimmers at practices and help coaches with misc. items as needed
  •  Recycle Program


If you have additional ideas on fulfilling your commitment hours, please speak to a board member in advance to see if you can count it!

E. Communication and Verification of Records: It is the responsibility of each member to check and verify number of commitment hours recorded to date upon receipt of each monthly invoice, and immediately advise us if a discrepancy exists. This tabulation of Volunteer Hours will carry forward monthly and for the remainder of the Effective Year. In addition, it is required that you log any hours you have completed in the Commitment Logs on deck.


F. Rollover: There is no rolling over of Commitment Hours into a future Effective Year.

G. Commitment Hours Buy-Out: At any time during the Effective year, a member may opt to "buy-out" all or any remaining portion of the commitment Hours at the rate of $20/hour. Entire year “buyout” equals $300.00. Murrieta Mako’s does not encourage this option as it would prefer to have the assistance and family participation; however, it is an option that is available for our members.

H. Commitment hours Bill-Out: Once the Effective Period begins (September 1), families with remaining Commitment Hour balances will be charged $20/per unfulfilled hour.


Requirements for the fiscal year September 1- August 31:  

-1 session per day per family at Murrieta Mako’s hosted meets. (equal to approximately 4 hours/session)

-Timing at least 1 session at away meets (equal to approximately 1 hour/session)

-15 Commitment hours TOTAL