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Swim Meet Volunteers (Experience Not Required)
Manta Rays home meets and team hosted events are run with the help of family volunteers. Parents are expected to volunteer to help run at least one home meet, either on deck or by helping with concessions. For Championship meets such as Y-States, all teams are required to provide several volunteers, for example Lane Timers to help run the meet. Some USA Swimming meets require each team to provide still more volunteers, such as accredited Officials. Whether you are a seasoned swim parent or new to competitive swimming, there are lots of opportunities for you to help out and contribute to our teams overall success. For any parent interested in learning more about how swim meets are run, this is your chance to get started. Training is provided. Great jobs for beginners are: 
LOBBY GREETER: Responsible for checking swimmers in for meets or team events, distributes handouts and collects paperwork.
LANE TIMER: Each Lane Timer is provided a stopwatch and assigned a lane where they are responsible for manually recording each swimmer’s time. This job puts you right on the pool deck where all the action is.
Parent Volunteer Swim Meet Officials (Training provided)
Any parent interested in becoming an Official (training provided) please contact Head Official Becky Smart or Head Coach Trevor Edmunds.
MORE INFORMATION: Officials Training | CONTACT: Head Official Becky Smart | Head Coach Trevor Edmunds
Coaching / Officiating (Some Experience and Training Required)
On deck jobs require dedication to the sport and a more serious time commitment. The volunteer would need to attend special training sessions and have a working knowledge of USA Swimming rules (Please contact Head Coach Trevor Edmunds for more information). Examples of on deck jobs include:
VOLUNTEER PARENT: Help Coaches out on deck, keep younger swimmers organized during practice and at home meets. Prefer someone with teaching or swimming background.
VOLUNTEER ASSISTANT COACH: Help Coaches out on deck during practices and at away swim meets. Requires background check, Non-Athlete USA Swimming Membership.
MORE INFO: Coaches | CONTACT: Head Coach Trevor Edmunds
Manta Rays Parent Advisory Committee (MRPAC)
The Manta Rays Parent Advisory Committee is responsible for running our home meets and team hosted events. MRPAC meets in the conference room monthly (presently the first Monday of each month, 5:30-6:30, schedule varies for special events). If you have suggestions, questions or comments about our team, our team hosted events or are interested in volunteering, please join us. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend!
Fundraising Volunteers (Help Support the YMCA Mission)
All of our swim team families are asked to participate in fundraisers which support the Y. When you give to the YMCA, your generosity reaches children, individuals, families, and seniors throughout the local community.
Splash-A-ThonDonation LetterPledge Form | Thank You Letter | Thank You Note | Spooky Woods
 MORE INFORMATION: Fundraising Explained | CONTACT: