Facility use and Etiquette

Facility Use Guidelines and Etiquette

CT rents lane space at multiple pool facilities in Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs for our swim team practices. These facilities allow our team use of the swimming pools and locker rooms, and occasionally other areas for supervised dry land training. Currently our team uses the Manitou Pool & Fitness Center (Primary), and occasionally the Olympic Training Center and Cheyenne Mountain High School.

The appropriate behavior and use of these facilities by our athletes is essential to our ongoing ability to rent these facilities and maintain positive working relationships with the facility owners.

All swimmers and their parents must review the following guidelines and etiquette expected of our team in these facilities and both swimmer and parent must sign this form acknowledging that you have read and agree to these expectations.

Other Facility Areas

- Use of any other areas (weight rooms, cardio areas, rooms, etc.) in these facilities is off limits to our team unless prearranged and supervised by a CT coach or using them during facility hours and paying facility fees. Parents are not allowed on the OTC pool deck!

Locker Rooms

- ALL belongings (swim bags, school bags, clothing, shoes, etc.) must either be LOCKED in a locker or brought to the pool deck

- No belongings should be left on the changing benches, floors, etc., in the locker rooms

- Belongings brought to the pool deck should be out of the way or should be on the bleachers

- No Running

- No yelling or loud conversation

- No food left on the deck or in locker rooms (pick up after yourself)

- No general horseplay

- Keep showers short and do not use all the hot water

- Report any maintenance problems (showers not turning off, faucets not working, etc.) in the locker rooms to a coach immediately

Lobby (Drop-off & Pick-up)

- Children 10 and under are not allowed to wait unsupervised before or after practice in the lobbies of any facilities

- Any swimmers waiting in the lobbies need to do so quietly

- All swimmers are expected to be picked up within 30 minutes of practice ending

We have read the Facility Use Guidelines and Etiquette and agree to follow these expectations. We understand that failure to follow these guidelines may result in loss of privilege to use these facilities.