Gold Contract

Senior-Gold Contract


Senior Gold swimmers are expected to do everything within their power to reach their own personal potential.

The following expectations and guidelines are set forth by the Head coach. Each swimmer and parent must sign and return this contract to the Head Coach no later than the end of September!!!

1. Attend a minimum of 75% of practices. Each and every practice is a necessary component for success as a senior gold swimmer. Senior Gold level swimmers shall have limited interference from other outside sport activities besides high school swimming or head coach approved training. Attendance rules may be adjusted due to other issues (ex. injury) as determined by the Head Coach.

2. Arrive to practice on time with a positive attitude.

3. Train at or above a level appropriate for current experience and speed.

4. Foster a healthy coach-athlete relationship. At the Senior Gold level, the swimming relationship must be limited to coach/athlete in order for the swimmer to have reached an appropriate stage of autonomy. The individual who has the most influence of the athlete’s success is the ATHLETE. Parental involvement at the Senior Gold level should be that of fostering and nurturing swimmer/coach goal-setting and decision making to attain the highest possible level of success for each swimmer.

5. Live lifestyle appropriate for achieving greatest personal success. Senior Gold swimmers must maintain appropriate nutrition, as well as abstain from the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products.

6. Obtain approval for all non-CT meets and attend all competitions recommended by the Head Coach and

7. Participate in various events (every distance) prescribed by Head Coach.

Wear a team suit and team cap to all swim meets. Discuss suit type strategy prior to meets or at meets.

8. Conduct yourself with honor and selflessness at all competitions regardless of Circumstances.

9. Be active in club fundraising whether actual fundraising or buyout to support the team. All Senior Gold level swimmers must participate in the Swim-a-thon as a substantial percentage of funds go to senior level activities such as travel trips, equipment, etc.

10. Participate in clinics offered for younger club members. Senior swimmers are leaders on the team and must present a model for younger swimmers to follow.

Sanctions: Failure to meet the above expectations may result in revocation of the privilege of Senior Gold membership. The Head coach may administer other sanctions appropriate to the breach of any expectation of this agreement, ie. Swimmer ineligible to swim at upcoming meet if poor attendance, etc.

As the swimmer, I have read understand the expectations. I welcome the challenge and will do my best to become a successful senior gold swimmer. I understand that if I do not adhere to these guidelines I can be removed from the senior gold group.

As the parent or guardian, have read and understand my role in the Senior Gold level process and will do my best to support both swimmer and coach in achieving success.