Swim Meets


Why Compete?

  There are several attributes at are integral to what we do at Lone Star Aquatics. These attributes can only be monitored or reinforced through concrete markers of performance. Markers can only be set in competition.

Physical: At the foundation is an attitude and spirit that influences every physical action. By emphasizing the physical aspect of competition, a swimmer may become superbly in tune with their body as they reflect on the training and effort they put in while at practice. 

Psychological: The brain is the strongest muscle of the body. Through competition, an athlete can improve upon his or her mental resilience by toughening mind and the physical part that follows. To improve, the athlete must make personal evaluation of their current status, and then make the decision and change and grow. Hardship strengthens the spirit. The challenges shared amongst teammates forges strong relationships and unify groups.  Competition teaches strengths and weaknesses, and when properly reinforced through positive reinforcement develops commitment.

Planning (Periodization): the components (Volume, Intensity and Technique) may be reduced or increased to prepare an athlete to peak during a competition. We can only know what is working and what needs work by watching a swimmer compete.

Education: Complacency is the devils workshop. We believe in the need to continually educate our athletes in order to prevent stagnation. We don’t believe in a bad swim. We believe every swimmer has the opportunity to learn something new after each swim.

At Lone Star, we are intent on getting our youngest swimmers to develop at their own rates.  However, research has shown that most children do not develop the necessary mental skills for competition until after 8.  For them, swimming is all about having fun and we need to foster that. We do not encourage swimmers under 8 to compete, unless they show a strong desire to do so.