Time Standards

Time Standards

We use time standards to give the swimmers something to work towards and to achieve.

Junior Sailfish

Junior Sailfish is where our swimmers learn to compete in all strokes and begin to be aware of trying to go faster each time they swim. There are no meet with time standards for juniors to focus on but they can strive to get better each week in hopes of improving in order to join the full Sailfish or USA Sailfish.

Sailfish and High School Sailfish

Swimmers participating in the full Sailfish program do not necessarily have to make certain times to compete in the Eastern Mass Coastal Swim League (EMCSL) Championship in March but should compare their times to the USA standards if they want to see where they stand. In order to compete in the EMCSL championship, swimmers must compete in a minimum of two dual or league meets. These meets are not for Junior Sailfish.


Swimmers that wish to go to the Junior Olympics next summer in Iowa should start to compare their times to the AAU time standard to see where they need to work. Please note that we have not received the final meet information for next summer (and won't until May) so these cuts may differ slightly. In order to participate in this meet, a swimmer must be 2018 AAU registered.

Click her to see the AAU Junior Olympics Time Standard

USA Sailfish

USA swimmers should compare their times to the time standards listed to see where they stand and where they need to improve to make these meets. This year New England swimming has listed time cuts for the long course championships in SCY (yards), SCM (25m) and LCM (50m) and the times can be used from any USA or USA observed meet since July 15, 2017. Remember to look at the age group the swimmer will be at the time of these meets.

2018 USA Long Course Time Standards links

2018 10 and Under LCM

2018 11-14 LCM

2018 Seniors LCM

2018 combined LCM progression grid

2018 Eastern Zones


2017-2018 USA Short Course Time Standards links

2017 Seniors

2018 Regionals

2018 Age Groups

2018 Silvers

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