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2018-2019 NJ Swimming USA Clinics

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If you have navigated to this page you are either a certified official looking for recertification courses or you are trying to find out whether you would like to become an official yourself.

Want to become an official?  We are always looking to recruit new officials. Why would you want to become an official? Here are the Top 10 answers:

10.  There is no pay but…

  9.  No entry fee either.

  8.  Free meet program, free food and oh yes...

  7.  Sometimes a free pen is thrown in.

  6.  Additional bonus, just in case we forgot, no pay but…

  5.  We cannot run meets without officials.

  4.  You will be working with the greatest group of volunteers.

  3.  You can keep in contact with your swimmer.

  2.  New friends, old friends, it’s a great way to socialize. Did we mention no pay?

And the number one reason to become an official....

  1.  It’s the best “seat” in the house!

Introducing your 2018-2019 FOBY Swim Officials!!

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FOBY Swim Officials from the 13 & Over Black & Yellow Meet

FOBY Swim Officials from the 12 & Unders Black & Yellow Meet


Upcoming Classes:
Click here for a list of upcoming swim official clinic.


Need further information?  Contact Adam Yee:

Introducing your 2017-2018 FOBY Swim Officials.  Heroes unite!!