How does my swimmer sign up for a meet? 

About a month before a meet, meet information will be posted on our Team Unify website. We will post the information as soon as we receive it from the meet managers. You will receive an email announcing that a meet has been posted and you can sign up for it on our Team Unify website. Every meet will have a Meet Entry Deadline and to swim at the meet you must sign up before this deadline. After the deadline, you won’t be able to sign up for the meet.  

To sign up follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Team Unify account at . If you don’t have an account and did not receive invitation to open one please email me at and I will send you an invitation.

  2. Once signed in go to Meets/Events, select the meet for which you want to sign up, read information carefully to see how many events you are allowed to swim and if you are eligible to swim that meet, and then click on Attend This Event

  3. Select members (swimmers) name that you want to sign up and select Yes, please sign up for this event  

  4. Select the events you would like to swim by putting check marks on the left side.

  5. Make sure to click on Save Changes. You won’t be signed up if you don’t click on this button.

  6. Once you are signed up you can make changes assuming it is before the meet entry deadline. When you are changing events the button you need to click on no longer says Attend This Event but it states Edit Commitment. Click on this and you can select different events. Make sure at the end always click on Save Changes.

  7. Some meets require achieving qualifying times for their events (e.g. Junior Champs, Senior Champs, NCAP Invitational, JO Meet).  Please check when entering meets to see if your swimmer meets the qualifying times.  Some meets have no-faster-than times (e.g. JO Qualifier Meet), which will be noted on the Meet Announcement.

    Common meet signup mistakes:

    DO NOT use Mobile Devices (phones or tablets) to sign up as they are not supported by Team Unify and your sign up will not be processed, or saved. Only use laptops and desktops to sign up for the meets.

    ALWAYS click on Save Changes when you are done, or your entries won’t be saved.

    ALWAYS sign up before the meet entry deadline, or you will miss the meet.