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Sponsor:  TYR

Dealer:  Swim Outlet - Rep Amy Johnson [email protected]

Booster Club:  Kelly Feely [email protected]


Effective 9/1/20 - 12&Unders may not wear techinical suits.  More info below in FAQ.


TYR TEAM SUITS & APPAREL (Order Via Swim Outlet Online Team Store Only):


TEAM CAPS (Order Via Booster Club Only)

Each swimmer will receive one cap with registration. Extra caps available.  $5 Latex $12 Silicone. Custom name caps are available to order a few times per year. Please email Kelly Feely at [email protected]  NEW!  Blue team silicone caps available for purchase $12.


TEAM QUALIFYING CAPS (Order with Coach Liz)

Swimmers who qualify for TAGS, Sectionals, or National Meets (Futures and higher), will receive on free latex "TAGS Team", "Sectionals Team", or "National Team" cap.  If the athlete would like a silicone version they are $15 and can be ordered through Coach Liz at [email protected]


SPIRIT ITEMS & APPAREL (Order Via Booster Club Only)

Swim Ohana's Booster Club will offer periodic team spirit and additional spirit apparel orders.  These orders will be communicated through email.  Please email Kelly Feely at [email protected]  



An annual team fitting will occur each Fall.  If you are unsure on sizing, please check online charts. 

Upon registering for team, please do the following:

Pick up team cap – one latex OR silicone latex per registered athlete from Kelly Feely

Pick up team tshirts – 3 team tshirts per registered athlete from Kelly Feely

Order custom team suit at Swim Outlet team store.   This is required for all athletes at meets.

Order practice equipment at Swim Outlet team store.  

Order custom team gear at Swim Outlet team store.  Backpacks - Parkas - Warmups

 Order if needed TYR tech suits.  Stock on tech suits fluctuates, order early for championship meets.

BONUS:  You are supporting Swim Ohana by shopping  Any/all items purchased from or will earn a rebate for Swim Ohana IF use team store link above to begin shopping. Swim, triathlon, yoga, and lots of fitness products available!

When will my custom apparel order from SwimOutlet arrive?  Order fulfillment is 10-15 business days and shipping an additional 2-6 business days.  



Please click link for sizing, discounts, and ordering instructions.  All Swim Ohana members receive 25% of TYR techinical suits.  Use Swim Outlet team store link for discount.



 Do we have to wear the new team suit?  Yes.  Beginning 10/15/18 custom team suit is required to participate in any Swim Ohana meet

Do we have to buy new custom backpacks, parkas and apparel.  Yes and no.  Athletes do not have to buy everything all new immediately.  New apparel/bags must be custom team items.  When your present backpack/parka/warmup needs replacement athletes must replace with custom team items.

Do we have to wear TYR tech suits?  Yes.  The TYR Thresher, Avictor and soon to be released Venzo are required if athlete chooses to purchase a tech suit.  MSRP is $74.99 to $549.99. 

Do we have to buy ALL TYR stuff?  Yes and no.  Yes tech suits and custom team suits, backpacks, parkas and warm-ups.  Practice suits and equipment are encouraged but not required.

What is the tech suit policy?  Tech suits are ONLY to be worn at December, February/March, and July/August Season Championship meets unless coach approves request to wear at non-champs meet.

Are tech suits banned by USA Swimming?  In September 2018 USA Swimming voted to ban tech suits for 12&Unders beginning Sept 1, 2020.  What does this mean for Ohana as a TYR team?  Any 12&Under boy or girl who will be competing 9/1/20 or later WILL be able to wear both the TYR Thresher and TYR Fusion legally; however, 12&Under athletes WILL NOT be able to wear the TYR Avictor or TYR Venzo.  One exception to the rule: The only meets where a 12-Under will be allowed to wear a tech suit is one that is in USA Swimming’s Championship series of meets (Junior Nationals, US Open, National Championships or U.S. Olympic Trials).  For further reading from USA Swimming

 How does sizing work? Team Suits:  A team fitting will occur early short course season.  Parkas & Warmups:  Please visit for sizing chart.  

 Does my athlete get more discounts? Yes, see below.


All Swim Ohana (and Masters swimmers) athletes get 20% off MSRP on any TYR product.  If you are wanting to purchase a TYR product that is not listed in the Swim Ohana store, please add the item(s) to your shopping cart and email [email protected] and she will adjust the pricing before you check out.

All Swim Ohana athletes (and Masters swimmers) get 25% off MSRP tech suits always and everyday with  Please email Amy Johnson to order.  [email protected]  *The new Venzo will be 20% off for all athletes.

TAGS Qualifiers receive 30% off tech suits and one free  tshirt annually*

USA Swimming Sectionals Qualifiers receive 30% off tech suits once per season and one free TYR warmup jacket upon first qualification*

USA Swimming Futures & Junior National (Winter or Summer ) Qualifiers receive 40% off tech suits once per season, one hoodie, one backpack, and one tshirt upon first qualification*

Olympic Trials & USA Swimming Senior Nationals Qualifiers receive one free tech suit upon qualification and 40% off any additional tech suits.  And one warmup set or parka, one backpack, one training suit, and one tshirt upon first qualification.


More Questions - Please email Coach Liz [email protected]

Booster Club Questions - Please email Kelly Feely at [email protected]

For Swim Outlet Questions or Discounts - Please email Amy Johnson at [email protected]