Dear CKS Barracuda Coaches,

Thank-you for another amazing summer of Barracuda Swimming.  Not only have our swimmers grown within the pool, they have grown in heart for what it feels like to be a part of a team! 

Thank-you for your dedication, passion, patience, and for being such a wonderful role models to our kids!  

We know that we are part of something special!!!


Erin, Michael, Lilliana, Bryson & Amaya Messier

When Club Kick Start was a new program, I signed up two of my children right away.  Knowing Sarah's passion for creating a unique swim opportunity for young athletes drove me to support her right away.  Over time, the program's growth has mirrored her passion and energy for the sport.  From finding great pools to work out in to hiring coaches of such high caliber, Club Kick Start is a wonderful gem in our community.  As a mom of four, I know that there is such a wide variety of skills and interest across the population, and her program has something for everyone.  On the continuum of year round swimmers down to the recreational and new athletes, training and lessons are provided.  I highly recommend CKS for kids of any ages, any interest level!

Laura Brader-Araje

"Club Kick Start has been a very good competitive club swim program for our kids' swimming and schedules. They have outstanding coaches who give good technical instruction and they offer families a lot of flexibility on practice times and days. Our kids were able to play other sports without conflict or judgment!"


Linsey Hughes

We have been extremely happy with Club Kick Start. Our kids are in their 2nd year with the club. The environment is positive, the coaching is excellent, and they get lots of one-on-one attention. Their swimming times have greatly improved, but perhaps more importantly, they take pride in their swimming, enjoy the competition, and have formed great relationships. I also appreciate Club Kick Start’s focus on quality of instruction, not necessarily quantity of practices. This works well for our busy family, and allows our kids to have a high-quality swimming experience while allowing time for other hobbies and interests.

Dr. Karen Serrano

Sarah, I just need to tell you and your AMAZING coaches thank you thank you thank you!!!! That was a major break through with Andy today at practice, your coaches encouraged him, helped him, were patient with him and made him absolutely love swimming today. We got in the locker room and Andy was smiling ear to ear and said "can we please do that again??" And that is a wonderful thing to hear. 

I wanted to cry today watching the coaches work with both my boys. How lucky am I to have these outstanding role models working with my kids?!?! Cal's confidence was lacking and he wasn't enjoying swim... So we took some time off and he was having the best time today! Smiling the whole time and having FUN again! 

Much love,

Carrie Williamson

"From the first lesson with Coach Ben, we saw immediate improvement in our young children's performance.  As important, his incredibly positive attitude has  instilled in them a love for the sport.  My daughter loves to practice her new skills on off days and can't wait to "show Coach Ben" what she can do."

Adrienne Clough

"Thanks for working so well with our kids!  You all are truly amazing and we sincerely appreciate your patience and encouragement.  They have both learned so much... and ALWAYS leave practice feeling happy, proud, and tired."

Thanks so much, 

Courtney George

Dear Coach Sarah,

Thank-you for being such an awesome coach.  You have really pushed me into being a better swimmer. 


Josie (9yrs), Abagail (7 yrs),

Dear Coach Sarah,

Thank-you for helping me dive from the blocks. I love swimming!

Isabelle (5 yrs)